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User Info: InsoFox

9 years ago#11
kodiakbro posted...
how'd you do it? :0

something interesting -- I've translated at least one of those somewhere else in FEZ; the "where does it end?" one. I think it was the giant throne? and I think there was a circle there as well? my thinking is that each verse corresponds with a location, and each location is somehow connected. we must be getting close

(this is such awesome puzzle design. when was the last time you remember spending a week on one game? on one puzzle? I'm going to be sad when this is over)

I was the one that provided the clues to figuring it out. You can see my working in other threads, but basically, my thinking went:

1) Hey, the translation we've been working on has mistakenly put Qs where there should be an X.
2) Hmm, I wonder if there's a long word with X in that could be used to figure this out.
3) Hexahedron! I bet that word is in the book.
4) from there I looked at where the Xes in the book were, and saw if I could figure out a way to make the word Hexahedron.
5) From that I figured out to order the pages 15263748.
6) Then just work from the top right of the first page, fifth page, second page, etc, and then do the same for each block until the whole thing is unraveled.

User Info: phort99

9 years ago#12
kodiakbro posted...
how'd you do it? :0

I wrote a script to read the characters from the text file that someone else transcribed in the order that insofox found, then went through adding spaces and correcting obvious typos and converting U to V where needed.

User Info: ikasix

9 years ago#13
Curious. The gateway to the stars almost reminds me of the monolith anyway, even if it does seem more likely to refer to the literal star gate. (From 2001: "It's full of stars!")

If we assume the last Haiku to be a reference to the game, though, the "space outside of space" may refer to the idea that the hint to the last puzzle exists outside of the actual video game, perhaps.

User Info: kodiakbro

9 years ago#14
my theory is seeming more and more plausible, but I just don't know what it means

has anyone found all 8 concentric squares yet? I definitely think this corresponds to their locations.

"point of origin"
the first square (origin!) is at the top of Gomez's village(origin!), where you first meet the hexahedron(!)
it's as though each haiku is a hint to a hint to a hint? also notice that there is either the full concentric square symbol (Gomez's house) or the infinite symbol (furnace room, chest of golem sitting on giant throne) nearby each concentric square.


maybe we're supposed to find each concentric square and the tome page that corresponds, use the order of the squares beginning from the middle to order the tome pages with big symbols, and those ordered symbols will somehow give us the code we're looking for. I'm not at home to try it, but that solution makes absolute sense. we would just have to figure out what the big symbols mean.
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