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User Info: ayyyooo

8 years ago#1
so many people started coming here after the MW2 glitch became known. I'm scared :P

Anyways, welcome to one of the greatest fighting games of all time :D hopefully the spread of new players will encourage SNK to patch the netcode for this game :P

Any of you going to actually buy this game if this glitch ever gets patched?

User Info: MaSan27

8 years ago#2
I bought this before i was aware of the glitch, i wish i would've waited. This bit of action has spiced up online play a bit, still it's dead imo.

User Info: T8_R

8 years ago#3
This one I probably will if they fix the glitch. I plan on getting some of the Metal Slug games, but not from XBL. I've deleted the other two already

User Info: ayyyooo

8 years ago#4
Thats cool man. I should check out the online now, just to see how it is. Back in the day, noone was on. NOONE. so i'm surprised people are online now lol.

How does a glitch like this happen? I mean, its only snk and no other arcade games by other publishers lol. I know it recognizes it as a full game while in mw2, but still, how? lol

User Info: Arandomthought

8 years ago#5
I bought it, knowing about the glitch. had it on ps1, and know it's worth the 10 to play online alone!

add Rlee1988 if you wanna play.
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