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User Info: ayyyooo

8 years ago#1
Let's have a game night for garou, if you are all up for it :) sure the netcode is sorta blah, but if enough people participate, it should be easy for you to find someone within your region.

Let's try Saturday, July 31? It's going to be hard to say a specific time, since some people play over in Europe and others play west of where I am (East Coast U.S.). I'l just say starting 2:00 EST ? Just set up games, and see if we can spark interest in this game again! Tell everyone you know who plays!

User Info: Ghost_Beef

8 years ago#2
AM or PM bro?


c wut i did thar

User Info: ayyyooo

8 years ago#3

P.M. man. BTW if you ever wanna play, just message me or something if im online. Even if im playing another game, I would probably rather play this lol :P

User Info: ayyyooo

8 years ago#4
bumpity bump bump :D

User Info: ayyyooo

8 years ago#5
Alright, i don't think I'l be able to play that much, because of a party I have to go to, but I will try to play as much as I can beforehand (which isn't going to be much at all).

HOWEVER! are you people interested in doing a tournament? I know the lag can get sorta bad, but we can match up people according to region at first, and take turns hosting. There were alot of people interested in playing in the other topic, so I feel as though we'll have enough for one.

User Info: FameDouglas

8 years ago#6
This game was a waste of an exclusive contract on SNK's behalf. Don't know how they got roped into it in the first place. They can't need money THAT bad that they jump at the first nickel someone offers them!

Even on XBL, hardly anyone cares about this game, fewer actually play it and 4/5 people on XBL probably never even HEARD of the game!

SNK would've fared better to have re-released on all platforms (not by much but still better than now). I hate to see one of SNK's gems get no recognition...

Come see stupidity in it's true form: 88jim8814 is my *****!

User Info: Superman070776

8 years ago#7
Got it free through the MW2 glitch. Maybe more will be playing once they see the article on how to save the $10 on this, King Of Fighters 98, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX, and Samurai Shodown II.

User Info: MaSan27

8 years ago#8
I'm down for a tourney, hopefully more people will flock to this topic.

User Info: T8_R

8 years ago#9
I'm not very good at it, but it's been my favorite of the 3 fighters you get thru the glitch.. I've been wondering how the Live features would work on it. ^_^

Th3 Tater - add me. I don't know about a tourney, but you're all welcome to come beat me up some.
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