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  3. On disc DLC yet again Why do you accept this when this is illegal to being with?

User Info: eric_neo3

9 years ago#1
Yet another dev who has broken the law by forcing you to pay twice for said DLC content on a disc that you already own. This games DLC comes stored on the disc that you have to pay extra for to unlock, this is illegal as they are preventing you from accessing software content that you already own because you bought the disc and thus already have the right to that software.

Not only that they are using false advertising to make you think that you have to download said DLC when you already own it.

DLC by definition must be "downloadable content" Not "locked on disc content" seeing as you already have the rights to use all on disc content when you bought the disc they cannot charge you twice for the same content that you already own.

I can't believe we still have devs pulling this stuff and getting away with it.

Look it up yourself at either of these
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User Info: Toasty_Kabal

9 years ago#2

Nobody's payed anything for on-disc dlc, so I'm not sure what you're talking about TC.

User Info: DanDaMan558

9 years ago#3
did they announce that its going to be paid for DLC yet? cuz if not just wait, it may be free (rare i know, but it could happen) it might just not have been completed for the games release and needed more time

but im prob being optimistic here
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User Info: Graif_R89

9 years ago#4
I haven't paid for any DLC. Is the PSN back up? I want to buy the classic costumes!

User Info: arturo228

9 years ago#5
I don't know if you mean the klassic skins... but those are meant to be pre-order exclusives, even if they were to be on disc.

User Info: Ichiko_368

9 years ago#6
Who cares, don't buy the DLC or whine and complain. Simple.
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User Info: replicax77

9 years ago#7
Obviously it's an illegal practice which the government just hasn't gotten around to doing anything about yet.

It's a real shame that the government has been wasting all this time putting a bullet in Bin Laden's face instead of making sure that we all get costumes for a video game.
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User Info: NotoriousLynx45

9 years ago#8
Oh no! They arent giving me the alternate costumes! Jail them! Jail them!

User Info: TheCManator

9 years ago#9
It's not illegal and you should know what content you'll have access to BEFORE purchasing full game. Don't like, don't buy.
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User Info: Nafzger

9 years ago#10
Explain to me how it's illegal.
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  3. On disc DLC yet again Why do you accept this when this is illegal to being with?
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