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  3. cant finish the tutorial

User Info: AmnesiaHaze

9 years ago#1

im unable to perform jonny cages power combo , i tried to press the combination as shown on screen countless times (Square , X , triangle) but it never works , anyone esle having this poroblem or figured out how to beat the tutorial :D ?

User Info: True_Story_Guy

9 years ago#2
I've completed the tutorial. As I recall, the only problem I had with it is figuring how the "Breakers" worked, which, to my surprise, worked a little differently than "Deception".
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User Info: AmnesiaHaze

9 years ago#3

im not able to come to that breaker point , cause johhny refuses to make his combo , if there only was a option to play with another character :D

User Info: jewel of open

jewel of open
9 years ago#4
did you change the buttons?
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User Info: Rasputin77

9 years ago#5
Try pressing it faster. Or slower. Double check the buttons... don't get stuck in the tutorial. ;)
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User Info: Printo

9 years ago#6
change the rate at which you punch in the combo. sometimes it has to be faster, other times a little bit slower. its all about timing.
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User Info: AmnesiaHaze

9 years ago#7

i use default settings , tried to do the combo button presses many different ways , ihave no problem to perform other even more complicated combos

User Info: Crash_WL

9 years ago#8
Try to press the buttons as fast and consistently as you can, you don't have to wait for (e.g.) punch A to land so you can hit punch B. I'm not sure if that's the case but I've ruined my combos many times because of that, until I got used to it.

Also, the Breakers point had me wanting to headbutt my TV.

User Info: Syggys

9 years ago#9
If its not ocming out then you're pressing it waaay to slowly.
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User Info: erol312006

9 years ago#10
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