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User Info: Supergamefreakx

8 years ago#1
how do you shoot with more power? ive looked everywhere, i cant find it. What do you do to shoot with power? Oh, and how do you cross efficiently to? every time i try, its just a regular pass.

Thank you
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User Info: insomnia22

8 years ago#2
I believe the shooting power is based on the strength of the shooter. There's also more in detail stats if you click the big button while looking at the players stats. Which will tell you their shooting power, shooting accuracy ect...

If your using the wii mote and numchuck then crossing is really quite simple. Just hold B to drag the player where you want and let go then swing the numchuck to head/shoot or if your really fast aim at which spot you want to head/shoot at. As always you can get caught offsides.. if that even answers your question.

I use the 2nd option for the wii controls for the mote/numchuck.

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