I'm thinking of buying this game...

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User Info: newgamerarmy

8 years ago#1
But things I want to know first is hows the online? is there a lot of people playing? How are the graphics? Is there a career mode and how many licensed teams/players?

if you could help me out that would be great.

User Info: Master_Magnus

8 years ago#2
The online seems good but nobody is playing it so don't bother with the online mode. There's no career mode either: just Exhibition, Master League, League and Champions Road modes (champion's mode is just a master league for casual gamers). The graphics are just like in the PS2 version, compared to the last one the stadiums are improved but some player models got worse. When it comes to licensed teams you got the French, Italian and Dutch leagues, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Boca Juniors, River Plate and some small Spanish teams. No Chelsea, Arsenal or Bayern Munchen. About national teams, Argentina, Brazil and England are fully licensed, not sure about the others since I haven't played with them yet. There are some new licensed stadiums, among them El Monumental.
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  3. I'm thinking of buying this game...

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