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User Info: bboard17

8 years ago#1

Hey guys i just bought the game and started playing champions road. In the previous versions it asked us about the lenght of the match but this year it didnt give any option to choose. Does anyone know about this. The matches i play now are 10 minutes but i want to play them for 5 minutes. Please help if you have the same problem or if you know something about.

User Info: themanlegg

8 years ago#2

I'm not sure about 2008, but in 2009 in didn't give you an option for the length of the match either. You can only play a 10 minute game

User Info: bboard17

8 years ago#3

I know i had 2009 it gave you an option to choose but in 2010 it doesnt it just started as 10 min. Does anyone know about this that can help me??

User Info: so2221

8 years ago#4
have you checked on settings(in champions road)?

I think I remember they said something about changing settings if tyou didnt like them, there.

User Info: bboard17

8 years ago#5

yeah i checked the settings. The only thing i can change is the difficulty level.

User Info: jimmykusa

8 years ago#6
you've never been able to change the time limit in champion's road in any of the previous games, only the difficulty. You can only change the time limit in match mode.

User Info: bboard17

8 years ago#7

Yeah i know that im talking about choosing the time in the beggining. in all the other versions you could choose the lenght at the start but this year it just automatically started as 10 min does anyone has the same problem?

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