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User Info: so2221

8 years ago#1
I think the wisest thing to do to avoid lag is to share friendcodes with the people in these boards as we know we will be online.

so just type your Friend code (which can be found at the add friend code in the online part of pes 2010) and add whomever you want from the people that will leave the friend codes here.

I'll be posting mine tomorrow, but feelfree to leave the number and check constantly for new friend codes.

(the reason of this is because most players are in europe and the east, thus, the Wii connection sucks)


User Info: zruben

8 years ago#2
here's mine

3094 7266 2413
Wii FC: 0166 9141 5320 9574 (zruben)
Brawl FC: 0387 8439 4681

User Info: insomnia22

8 years ago#3
Also mine.

4683 8659 2932

User Info: slightlord

8 years ago#4
Click my name to see mine.
I lost my second born daughter. I hope my pain is one you never EVER experience. In loving memory of Iyolah Phæri Horton 3-31-2006

User Info: Duke835

8 years ago#5
My friend code:

4211 4128 2333

User Info: rougvie83

8 years ago#6
my code is 2536-3830-4084 feel free to add.Dont seem to be finding a lot of players online yet but early days

User Info: aristophanes33

8 years ago#7
0646 6005 5809

User Info: Duke835

8 years ago#8
I'll add both of you guys next time I go online

User Info: barce_cristhian

8 years ago#9
mine 4683 8791 3881

User Info: rougvie83

8 years ago#10
Sorry guys,it wont let me add some of you because i am in the uk....thats a rightpain in the far ive only found guys from italy,france and spain online,which is a bit weird...but they are damn good players

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