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  3. How to I use the 100% save file?

User Info: Phantom5462

1 year ago#1
Hey, sorry, I just got one more question here... how do I use the 100% completed save? I know how to upload it to my PS3, but once it's there, I seem to recall MGRR refusing to allow the use of that save file. It being from a different user and such. Any ideas? I want the VR missions to be done with, once and for all. And I'm just not good enough to do it myself. Trust me, I tried.
Have at Thee!

User Info: belgraviahair

1 year ago#2
if you have a ahem *special ps3* which has recently been broken out of jail you can just turn on fake user save data to instantly resign any and all saves to work no dicking around with save resigners. but if you are on ofw you will have to use a resigner which isnt that hard to find a tutorial on youtube takes about 2 mins at most.

User Info: WDCain

9 months ago#3
You can just use Bruteforce. It's a program that allows modding another ps3 save file to look like it came from your system. The only time it ever seems to give fits are with games that are mostly online and that's because the developers have some of your info on their systems and know it doesn't match.
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  2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  3. How to I use the 100% save file?
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