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  3. Question about attack power/making the game fair?

User Info: MinusN

2 years ago#1
I re-downloaded the game again after a couple years.
I decided to save all money to upgrade the fox blade and went with attack power I got it half way through easy mode, seemed fine.
but now on normal mode it's tearing through everything too fast for me to get energy back.

1. Do hard mode or higher enemies have much more hp?
2. If level 5 attack power is too much even on max difficulty what attack level should I use for each sword.
3. If I chose new game to restart do I still keep BP earned so far?

User Info: MurphysGhost

2 years ago#2
1) As the difficulty goes up, enemies have more HP, attack more aggressively, and do more damage.

In VH and Revengeance mode the enemy waves are also remixed to throw more and tougher enemy types at you.

2) The Fox Blade is going to make regular enemies a joke pretty much no matter what you do. It's a novelty weapon to have fun breaking the game with.

Myself personally, I prefer to use the standard HF Blade completely un-upgraded regardless of difficulty.

For most players I would say standard HF Blade and upgrade all the traits to level 2, then 3, etc. as you go, is going to feel the most balanced.

3) I am rather sure selecting New Game will reset your BP. I wouldn't worry too much about that if you really want to restart your file though - a few runs through the game and you'll be swimming in BP.

That said, not sure you need to restart so much as maybe just change weapon?
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User Info: MinusN

2 years ago#3
I did end up restarting with collectibles intact.
moved all weapons to lvl 3 where I am gonna keep'em.
maybe I won't upgrade the fox blade this time, but I did unlock wooden blade, machete.
not dumping 200k into the fox blade means I've got most upgrades now.
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  3. Question about attack power/making the game fair?
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