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User Info: uc9594

2 years ago#1
This game is awesome.
It's so awesome in fact, I got the platinum trophy and i'm still craving for more.

So I decided to completely 100% the game by earning all the titles but I have some questions regarding them.

1. Do the titles have to be earned on a single complete playthrough? (Without using chapter select and only using the continue option from the menu.)

2. Follow-up question from question 1, since the end game results you can see in chapter select is always the highest ranked score you earned in any playthrough and doesn't get overwritten by lesser ranked playthroughs (Even if said playthrough has a shorter time record than the higher ranked one) , is it safe to say that they don't matter as long as i'm able to meet the requirements of a title in a single run?

3. Does picking up the damaged health items that the ray boss, dwarf gekkos, and cyborgs I failed to zandatsu drop void the 'No nanopaste used during playthrough' requirement of the 'Thunderstorm' title?

4. Any easy way to earn the 'Precision Machine' title? Sounds tedious.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Raeng

2 years ago#2
Titles that require a runthrough only work if you start from R-00 and use Continue to continue. Otherwise the data is voided.

2. they don't matter.

3. damaged health items don't count to that title.

4. if you have it, use the Fox Blade with infinite Blade Mode wig. Otherwise use the Armor Breaker. Makes it cake (though it is a boring thing to get honestly).

Good luck!
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  3. Currently on the quest of earning all the titles.. (Questions)
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