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Althalus2013 posted...
Gotta say, I really f***ing miss this board. Back in its heyday it was so active, I posted in almost every topic that came up. I remember non-stop conversations with @Raeng, whining about a fight I got hit in cause I wasn't very good at action games back then, gahhh it hurts to think about. I was 13 when this game came out (I know, I know) and it, along with this board, was a hugely memorable part of my teenage years. So were the Metal Gear games overall.

It hurts to know that the series is basically canned now, though you can't say it didn't have a good run but what hurts more is that the Rising series was slain in the cradle. There was genuine talk on Platinum's side of a sequel, which could have introduced and improved so many features. Bladewolf's DLC even proved that Platinum CAN do stealth gameplay well; with a longer dev cycle, that could have been transferred into a whole game, allowing players to keep their options open.

I get that everything ends. I've experienced loss from the end of TV shows I liked to pets I loved, with other s*** in between. I just kinda regret that, once we got far enough away from the possibility of MGR2, I drifted away from this board and started only really posting on Final Fantasy 7 and, eventually, the Devil May Cry boards. I feel there's probably a lot of great reminiscing and speculation I missed out on. Either way, I want to thank anyone who's still around and was back then for some of the most fun I ever had on forums.

Here's to the best of times.

I agree with 100% of what you said and I also miss those times.