I'm like obsessed with "it has to be this way"

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  3. I'm like obsessed with "it has to be this way"

User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

4 years ago#21
The soundtrack is probably the most well done in a H&S game I've ever seen. They're important to the characters and story, while being badass to get the hype up for fights. If you don't feel like kicking ass when the music starts, might want to check your pulse.

It's ridiculously good, not a bad song in this game.
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#22
Great... It's playing in my head now... Again.

It's also one of the songs I play during Jetpack joyride...
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User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#23
Yeah, it's an awesome theme. And actually...the singer and style of music reminds me a lot of a rock band I used to listen to. I guess it was a little obscure, but a lot of their songs were video-game-inspired. Not chiptune most of the time like Anamanaguchi though. I just can't remember the name of that band.
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User Info: vgman94

4 years ago#24
I play half the songs of the OST everyday on YouTube and catch myself singing half the songs pretty often in normal day-to-day circumstances. Stains of Time and Red Sun, as well as Collective Consciousness and I'm My Own Master Now, And of course It Has To Be This Way.

User Info: Eurologic

4 years ago#25
Video games shouldve been using pseudo Heavy Metal tracks long ago. Although its not exactly heavy metal - more POP metal than anything.
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  3. I'm like obsessed with "it has to be this way"

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