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User Info: lokithefool

6 years ago#171
From what I have seen this is looking like a progress screen rather then a final results screen. The points are to low, the hours of gameplay is to low, the slashes are way to low, the dismemberments are way to low. Its possible somebody took a real screen shot, and lied to to the TC with it to spread false info. Its also possible that the games clock is not accurate. Its also possible that the screen shot was mislabeled. TC do you have a link to the source of where you got this screen shot? Other wise I am going to have to call BS.

User Info: TheF1BOB

6 years ago#172
DJ_0000 posted...
TheF1BOB posted...

Did I say Metal Gear Solid? DID I SAY THAT!? METAL GEAR RISING IS A METAL GEAR GAME IN THE METAL GEAR WORLD. And LOL, you be lucky to get a 20hr action games on the next gen after the next gen, let alone next gen.

Would love it mind you.

You said I should hold it to the standards set by the Metal Gear series, what were you talking about if not Solid? The original series? No, you were comparing it to the Solid series.

And yes, like I said I know we're not getting any 20 hour action games, primarily because of the cost, that's just one of those things I'd really like to see at some point.

I was talking about the presentation and structure, not genre.

A apologize for the misunderstanding.

User Info: Ragiroth

6 years ago#173
What worries me is that it says "Game" not "chapter" or "act".

And if it is an act I doubt it's the first one. If it has Sundowner in it anyway.

If it really is like 5 hours long, it's not a dealbreaker but it is disappointing. Especially when we've heard so much of it being like at least 8 and stuff.

User Info: Rising_shadow

6 years ago#174
Even if this is a post game results chart, the stats are awfully low. Terrible rankings, single digits legs dismemberment? Guy must have rushed his ass through the game to get stats that terrible.
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User Info: xxchosterxx

6 years ago#175
if its really 5 hours long, im not gonna buy this in release date, with 2 rentals is more than enough to beat the game twice or even a third time.

User Info: ResidentGear31

6 years ago#176
Did anyone read the games first review? They said a first playthrough is 6-8 hours. I guess you guys missed it a few pages back.
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