giving AI commands, any idea?

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  3. giving AI commands, any idea?

User Info: final_lap

7 years ago#1
This is touched on in the in-game how-to but it isn't explained at all. All it says it that the down arrow (or up arrow, or both, I forget) is so you can give instruct up to 3 AI teammates.

But it doesn't detail what this does, or even more importantly how it works.
All I see is exclamation points. White ones, green ones, orange ones. Why are there three different colors and what do they mean? Why doesn't the game explain this?? urgh D=

I was thinking about going in a mission or two and just experimenting it until I figure it out.
Also maybe there's more info it if I check the instruction booklet.

User Info: Heyeol

7 years ago#2
I do not know. Lol. I spammed my down button when i'm carrying my princess. That way, any AI allies that are nearby follows me, giving me some speed boost until i press down button again. The more the helpers, the faster you go. Maximum of 3 allies though.

Other than carrying the princess, i don't really put my thumb on the down button.

User Info: final_lap

7 years ago#3
ok. Here are my observations. I technically could be wrong, but I think I got it.
pressing up makes the white mark on your guy's head. This causes the AI partner closest to you to get a green mark. (if there is no AI partner close to you, pressing up arrow probably does nothing) The mark arrow disappears after a few seconds. The white mark doesn't seem to indicate anything in particular except to let you know that you pressed the up-button.

an AI partner with a green mark follows you around.

the orange mark means the AI partner temporarily decided to do his own thing. (such as chopping wood or fighting an enemy) It simply means he's doing what he would normally do, but he's still technically under your call and will return to a green arrow once he's done doing whatever he's doing. However this often means he's no longer anywhere near you and will have to make his way to wherever you are.

You have no control over when the orange mark appears/disappears.

green-mark AI will still fight nearby enemies.

if your guy dies, the AI's revert to normal.

pressing down dismisses the closest green-mark AI.
THUS if you want to forget about an off-screen AI and recruit a new one, this means you have to dismiss all 3 AI and re-recruit them.

so far my observed benefits to recruiting AI:
- forcing them to sit and eat cake to replenish their health
- capturing outposts
- escorting/protecting you as you chop
- making a run for the princess
- getting stuck AI unstuck (i.e. AI running into a wall for no reason, or standing around)

possible uses for recruiting AI:
theoretically this is also good with priests (whether the priest is you, or the AI)
theoretically this might also work in routing AI's to a certain location. (unrecruiting them in a certain place to distract the enemy while you enter the enemy base by yourself, etc)

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#4
seems you can only command 1 AI player when online

but I wonder what happens if you try to take command of an AI that's already in use by another human
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  3. giving AI commands, any idea?

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