Someone explain this game to me.

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User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#21
"What's your online experience with this, in terms of number of people playing per match? Is it full? I read that AI will make the numbers even / full. Which makes it nicer."

very few people playing. I have to play with AIs only for a while until someone comes. But I typically play at night or during work hours so that might be affecting it.

I usually do not encounter more than 1 other human player
but the first time i played I saw about 4 other players.

AI's automatically fill out the remaining players, in fact it actually specifies that the more players you choose, the fewer human players are allowed. If you choose 16 players (the default setting and highest number of possible players) then only 4 of them can be human players at most.

it occurred to me that 16/4 is definitely the way to go because while a 5th player is possible it will happen so rarely, and because a greater quantity of AI is definitely better. If there are too few AI then it becomes too empty and too easy to win, as well as there being too many 1-on-1 encounters.

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#22
ok I just played a long session of games regularly reaching 4 human players. We played princess-rescue on over half of the maps in the game.

I need to investigate the 6-player settings because it's more than likely a 5th player was trying to join during that time. Question is whether 6-human-player is 14 players or 12. If it's 14 then it's something to look into. If it's 12, forget it. I'm reluctant even to go 14.

User Info: prolixsolutions

6 years ago#23
we plan to play one game that we arrive in the kitchen and you see a letter of your father on the refrigerator. It says to you to make a cake for the anniversary of your mother who is the same day! But you do not have any idea how to make... You then decide to look at the tele one or there is a culinary emission of Sartha Mewart which precisely shows how to make a cake. It any more but does not remain you to find the elements to make it; Eggs, flour, sugar, something to lubricate the bowl, decorative birds

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#24

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#25
three topics

1) in single-player, after a while the respawn time changes from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. (and eventually 15 seconds if I remember correctly)
- What causes this? I assume it happens if the game goes on for too long. But how does before it happens? 30 minutes?
- Does it happen to everyone on both teams at the same time or is it possible to get this before everyone else?
- Does it apply to multiplayer?

2) When does the body double appear? It's not there when the match starts. Does it simply appear after a certain amount of time, or do you have to make it appear?

3) I still haven't experimented with fire, but I noticed that I can go up to a torch to make my weapon on fire. But the torches aren't always lit so I assume a wizard has to light them first. I wonder if it's possible for a wizard to light up teammates directly, or are the torches the ONLY way to transfer fire to teammates.

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#26

I was wrong in my old post about the jailbreak mission.
When an outpost becomes neutral, the team that used to own that outpost loses 10 points.
This means that my little trick to gain infinite points doesn't work.
It also means I was wrong about outposts potentially making a jailbreak game last forever. (e.g. both teams taking turns taking an outpost until they each have a thousand points) Every time the enemy takes an outpost, you lose the points you gained, so in effect the points are stabilized from the beginning of the match. (100 plus 100 plus 10 for each outpost, minus 1 for each time someone dies)

oddly enough, Jailbreak has princesses in multiplayer even though the single-player mission did not have this.
I like that it has princesses though.
Capturing a princess makes the opponent lose 50 points. (or something like that)

User Info: Heyeol

6 years ago#27
Having fun? Lol.

Thanks for the tip but Asia PSN is still down. Urgh. I can't really answer your doubts cause my game isn't with me. But i think torches are the only way to light your weapons on fire. Not sure about the others. I'll inform you when i've gotten my game back.

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#28
This game is fun online and Gladiate mode is more fun than I first thought.
anyway I guess the PSN being back up doesn't apply to asian territories. I think that's what the Playstation blog said.

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#29
oh by the way
I was trying to beat the campaign using only the peasant. (no hats) But I don't know if I can pull it off! It gets tricky pretty early on.

as a result I brainstormed other challenges:
- no attack button (but! you can still raise shield)
- worker only (non-upgraded) (but this might be too easy, on the other hand, it's a good way to test the waters for the peasant version)
- priest only
- archer only
- can't use hats except from fallen enemies (but this sounds like it may be too easy)
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