Someone explain this game to me.

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User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#1
- The game mentioned something about how to repair your buildings, but I don't even know how a building can be damaged in the first place. (this was before the mission where you buildings start out damaged)

- Also, when building structures such as a shrine, a counter would appear over the site, telling you how much wood and ore you need. But sometimes this counter would go away, and I have no idea why. This most commonly happens when you give the last required piece of ore or wood, which is really irritating, because NOTHING happened. Later the counter reappears, so it seems like you have to do everything all over again for no reason.

- Also, after collecting materials apparently you're supposed stand in front of the site to actually build the structure, I was able to do this once or twice, the AI does it ALL the time, but I don't know why it works only sometimes for me. I collected all the materials, and stand there, but nothing happens, and then it says I have to do it again.

- In the shrine level, green arrows appear south of the shrines, and I have no idea why. They're pointing at nothing. A glitch? It's really distracting and it seems like they're pointing at the wall, as if I can break the wall to reveal an opening. But nothing happens when I attack the wall.

- Counters appear over your own buildings too, but even though they don't mention wood, you can still give those buildings wood, but I don't know what if anything that does.

- Dunno what it does to upgrade outposts. For that matter outposts seem to do surprisingly little when I think about it, I mean I'm constantly compelled to capture them, but I don't know why I bother. (well except for the jail mission where they count toward your victory quota)

User Info: Heyeol

6 years ago#2
I don't really know what your problem is but the game is pretty simple. You start out in your castle with (depending on the game mode) buildings. Get the worker's hat and start hacking some trees and mining ores. Deliver them to any building that is under your influence. (jailhouses too) once you've gathered at least 3 ores and 3 wood, you're allowed to repair or upgrade any building. Be aware that your teammates/AI can do whatever they want with the materials you've gathered. That means them upgrading ANYTHING they want to without your consent. And you have to be a worker in order to gather materials and/or repair/upgrade. Other classes only allow you to pick up materials and princess. For the glitch part, i'm not really sure. Hope you can find help elsewhere since this game is kinda old and no one goes online for it anymore. Good luck and have fun.

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#3
wait so it doesn't matter at all what building I give the ore/wood to?
I thought I had to give it to the building I wanted to fix/upgrade.
But this explains why outposts are good, since you can just give things to the outpost.
So while the AI are giving things to the outpost I guess I was being totally stupid to walk all the back to the base with an ore, while thinking "stoopid AI". lol

I guess that explains most of my questions. How do I know how much ore/wood I have? I'm guessing that's what the counter on the top right is for.

It's a shame nobody plays online.
From what I read of this board, the online is grossly unbalanced in favor of the warrior.
Is this why nobody plays online anymore, do you suppose?

Thanks for replying by the way.

User Info: Heyeol

6 years ago#4
No problem! Lol. I didn't know you could hand in wood/ores anywhere until my bro told me. And yes, i do agree that upgraded warriors are overpowering. Try playing the game in hard mode and you'll feel like you're playing online with the exception of weird names such as "Liquid Cake" and "Caketos". I believe the main reason for inactive online play is due to Fat Princess on the PS3. It has dlc unlike the PSP version ._. Still, Fat Princess on the PSP is quite addicting on its own! :D

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#5
ok I figured out how to upgrade things, I have to stand in front of it, hold the lock-on button, THEN hold square.
No wonder I never got it to work.

also the green arrows mean something is ready to build or be upgraded.
So, presumedly, the level where the green arrows were pointing at nothing, I guess it's possible to actually make a structure there. I am considering replaying that level to find out.

I just beat the snow mission. It was quite tough, and I noticed that the enemy team had a lot of warriors. I lost many times on this mission.
So I came up with a strategy, I'd grab a warrior hat, immediately run into their base (with help from the catapult) and camp in front of their warrior hat machine.
I ended up winning that time. o.o

User Info: Heyeol

6 years ago#6
Rofl! I've never tried that. Warriors have no flaws in this game i think. The only stage i couldn't beat on hard is where you have to capture jailhouses. Some map where you start off on a pirate ship. That stage is hell. It is Chapter 8 i believe. And I might consider using your strategy. Haha! Tell me if you've accomplished what i failed. Anyway, glad to see you're enjoying Fat Princess :D

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#7
I replayed the level with the arrows, sure enough you can build bounce pads there to reach the higher ledge. And turns out there are plenty of instances of this kind of thing throughout the maps.

Everything makes sense now, and the game is even better thanks to it. Though there may be things I still haven't tried yet such as moving the decoy princess in a different location. (the AI keeps picking it up though from its starting location. They r so dum lawl)

I finished the story mode and started playing through it on hard mode.
The jailhouse/pirate-ship level, I know exactly which one you mean, and yes it was a doozy even on normal difficulty. I only just barely beat it that time.

Thanks for the help and indeed I am enjoying the game, it's good stuff.

User Info: Heyeol

6 years ago#8
Finally beat that pirate ship level. Totally copied your idea and bam, i won. Camped throughout the whole match on their boat with an upgraded warrior. Was boring but i won.

Didn't think i unlock anything by completing it on hard. Afro for my male is good enough. Lol. I agree with you on the princess dummy. The enemy keeps snatching her everytime.

Anyway, this has been a fun game. Until i find some locals to play with, this game is going to the shelf =/

Great to know there are people with great taste in gaming. Lmao.
This thread is done.

User Info: final_lap

6 years ago#9
I beat missions 7 and 9 on hard.
That hat-machine hogging strategy didn't work this time for me. =V

Mission 7 I noticed a few things. Taking an outpost gives you 10 points but doesn't reduce the enemy's point. So in this sense if each team keeps taking outposts they can keep raisnig their life total making the game last a lot longer, theoretically anyway.

I realized though that taking outpost doesn't help you win per se because by taking an outpost all you're doing is making it possible for the enemy to re-take it. You gain 10, they gain 10, so on and so forth.

Though it seems there's a way to beat the system. you can let them make your outpost neutral, then take it before they do. Your net earn is 20 points while theirs was 0 and conceivably you could do this over and over. However it seems pretty much impossible to do this because your AI's will just as easily prevent them from getting it neutral, or the enemy AI's will overwhelm you and just take the outpost for themselves. (especially if you try to let them make the outpost neutral, thus letting them kill all your AI's)

The one thing you can do however is take the center outpost as soon as the match starts, since that gives you a permanent 10 point lead.

In mission 7, all the crystals are in the center. There's really not much other point of interest in the entire map. When I won, it was a bloody ongoing battle for the center outpost.

Funnily enough this is how I ended up winning mission 9 as well. I think I upgraded the warrior right away, but after that I just went straight to the center since that's where everyone was. And I think even at that time I found that our team was already ahead, and it stayed that way for the rest of the match!

I'm currently trying enemy-base-squatting in the pirate cove princess capture mission. (mission 11-ish?) I found there is a hidden cave that takes you directly to enemy base and from there you can build a jump pad to scale the castle walls.

User Info: Heyeol

6 years ago#10
Ahh i see. Maybe i'll try that mission again but this time, without cheating. -tries my best not to look at the warrior hat machine- >_>

Anyway, what you're saying is that.. Camp at the center with that overpowering red horned helmet dude? It does get boring if the warrior is all you use. And we're doing too much work! Useless teammates! =/ Hmm, the upgraded worker is kinda good too. His bombs can get pretty deadly. Maybe i'll try using that. Plus, i can mine for ore too. Lol.

Thanks a lot for the tip.
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