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User Info: ChibiStewie

7 years ago#1

Reviews Are Up And Down,And Its Board Seems Pretty Much Dead.....

User Info: Gilgadood

7 years ago#2
well i think its a good game, i havent noticed any flaws. Its more of a pick up and play game, probably should have been a little less costly, but it has a lot of maps so it makes sense that it cost more than the ps3 version imo.
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User Info: xtremeduel

7 years ago#3
I say there's a giant problem with people over using the warrior. It makes everything unfair. His charged attack is godly which makes the game unfair if the warrior just charges all the time.

User Info: Princess_Ronnie

7 years ago#4
I actually liked this game. It's more than just rescuing the princess, playing a soccer, game or elimination. Along with those mini games, you also get other new missions. True the PS3 does have more options in customizing your character etc, and not to mention the DLC just came out giving you the ninja, pirate, and giant. I got mine for 10 dollars at walmart and it was really worth it.
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