If this was patched, what would you like to see?

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  3. If this was patched, what would you like to see?

User Info: Scribblenaut

7 years ago#1
Stone Doors: At the cost of 3 stone per door, you can reinforce the doors of your castle so they take more damage before being destroyed

Preset "Commands": By holding down R, you can access 4 different speech options (mapped onto the D-Pad) that you can choose, ranging from "Charge!" to something like "Gather stone!" to make up for the lack of voice chat in online games. And if you're playing online, you can use them to give orders to the 3 A.I. you can have follow you.

Ranking System: Whether it be an average of your last games or more of a level based on the points you get in each game, a ranking system would be nice.

User Info: archanine59

7 years ago#2
I'd like the AI to be a little smarter in that they will follow you and automatically attack any enemies, not run ahead of you in battle then come back damaged.
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User Info: weepulization

7 years ago#3
^^ pretty much just that
If they close down one more Red Lobster i'm gonna have to kill someone

User Info: baddude1337

7 years ago#4
A mini map preview of the maps in the map select window?
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User Info: mhfu___justin

7 years ago#5
i would like to have a preview of the maps, more command over the bots on my team, or 3 person group (not including me of course) , more classes, potions/bombs/stunt double u throw wont hurt my fellow teamates or me, DEFINETELY more levels! able to pick which stry to do, Red teams story, or Blues teams story, an arrow showing u where to go! (like where their princess is or where to bring her back becuz i always get lost and end up dying in their castle,) and the ability to toggle that off, aminimap so that we dont have to press SELECT just to see the map, more reaper maps, able to destroy/downgrade other team's hat machines dilipiadated or not (u cant do that anyways which sux), more customization options, able to cancel resting easier, and recover from resting easier, faster resting, and have fire arrow/blade last for the rest of u being alive, easier and faster charging for special, have both of the priests able to do some other method of attack than just hit them with their staff, like casting some sort of spell! have twists in maps ................ like a ocean or broken ship map with a kraken, and if u go close to it, it will smash u, and kill u in 1 go! and where the kraken is, is also where the iron all is! i liked the dragon method too, that was 1 of my favorite levels, i would also like to start off with 12 wood, and 6 metal= for both walls, and 2 upgrades, or a catapult, so u have a good starting point, no, even better, i wish u could toggle easiness, how much wood and metal u can start with, or pick if the walls r already there or not, and i want stronger damage for mage and archer, both good, but r REALLY REALLY terrible with damage unless u charge, which takes too much time, and it only take about 3/4 of a heart anyways, and finally! (the last 1 i want to put right now becuz this is gettting to long) i wish u could feed other things to her, like brownies and ice cream maybe? (they will have to tweak original story a bit but who cares?) and cake gets her fattest, and gets her another level in just 1 bite, but should be rly hard to obtain, like u have to catapult and try to land on it, and ull also need catapult materials becuz there should be a catapult spot so u can fly back, ice cream, which gets her 2/4 to next fat level, and a simple brownie, which gets her 1/4 to next fat level,................................... 1 more thing though, i think we should have up to at least 5 or more bots able to invite to the group! okay, im done.

User Info: xtremeduel

7 years ago#6
I would want the warrior to be weakened because in all my online matches, there's always those few people who over use the warrior to instantly kill people. This makes the game no more fun and strategy is no longer needed. I would also like the grim reaper and giant chicken to come back after fights. Oh and I like the whole Kraken idea, it adds something interesting. I would also like the host to be unable to kick and ban. I'm skilled myself so if I'm working against the host he usually kicks me out. Again weaken the warrior, I don't like that class. I try to use different classes. More people online would be nice. I'd also like the ice mage to be like the ice mage in fat princess ps3. Where a light charge will just make the enemy slower. Oh and I've noticed some glitches. Fix the ranger! His dodged while fighting skills are lowered. The arrow just misses when jumping around and dodging. That's all really.
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  3. If this was patched, what would you like to see?

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