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  3. More similar to Alaskan, African Safari, Trophy Bucks or Dangerous Hunts?

User Info: TH3_S3V3NTH_SON

9 years ago#1
First I'll start by saying that I hated Alaskan Adventures. I'm cautious of this game because it carries the "Adventures" name. My question is which Cabelas is this most similar to?

Here is a short breakdown of the gameplay of each in case you didn't play them.

Alaskan Adventures: Still unrealistic but it's the most realistic Cabelas on the 360. It was a slow paced FPS. The animal seemed to be much more aware of you in this one. I felt it was very boring.

African Safari: Great Fun IMO. Completely unrealistic third person shooter. It had a Max Payne like bullet time feature. Also had vehicle levels where you shot at herds while on a truck.

Trophy Bucks: Hilarious arcade shooter. FPS again but much faster pace. Some of the level were no bigger then a medium sized back yard and herd of animal would basically run directly over top of you while you tried to shoot as many as you could in a certain amount of time. Including serval powerups including heat vision and slow down.

Dangerous Hunts: My favorite by far. Completely unrealistic, entertaining third person shooter. Each zone capped off with a boss fight versus a dangerous predator. It also had those button pressing cut scenes like in RE and God of War.

User Info: kylewilkie

9 years ago#2
Dangerous Hunts 08 was great, still going through 09.

Trophy Bucks was good arcade fun. Where else can you run through the woods with a scoped magnum and shoot deer.

Alaskan Adventures I didn't like when i first played it because I wasn't expecting all the different modes it had - playing this Adventure game I have new appreciation for it and will go back and play it.
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User Info: XX_brawler_XX

9 years ago#3
Dangerous Hunter 2008 & Big Game Hunter 2008 was great

African Safari was good

Alaskan was ok

Trophy Buck was boring to me
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User Info: TH3_S3V3NTH_SON

9 years ago#4
Cool to see there are fellow Cabela's fan but could someone please answer my question? Which one of the other games is this one most similar to? Thanks in advance to anyone that answers.

User Info: Sundive101

9 years ago#5
Can't say which it's like. It takes elements from them all really.

It has bullet time. The area you hunt in is pretty small. Animals are half stupid (They stop worrying about you if you go behind a rock). You can free fire on rodents and birds as they run past you or fly over head.

It's an arcade game. Really easy too. Vitals and a scope makes this game pretty pathetic. You should be able to pull off a 1000/1000 in a day. If you can stand to play it that long.
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