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User Info: bongo_chimp

9 years ago#21
Thanks, Sundive. I guess I just don't take safety into consideration since bullets go flying around all the time hunting anything, but firing at a higher trajectory for birds would be a bit less safe, I'd imagine. All I've shot are targets with an M-16 like Uncle Sam told me to and some jugs and a door with some handguns.

I think they need to map out the optional hunts a little better. Kind of just random stumbling so far
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User Info: kylewilkie

9 years ago#22
all the tracking is pretty basic. controller starts to vibrate when you are in an 'animal marks' area and there is a prompt to press A.

Some animals are dumb. Ground hogs, rabbits are stupid, you can walk right up to them and fire the shotgun from the hip and score 92%.

I think they took out hunter sense (the slo-mo option) so hunting a running buck is sometimes tricky.

No weather options that I could find. So far this one is a little better than the Alaskan one, though the best game in the series was Big Game Hunter and BGH09.
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