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User Info: Jolteon

9 years ago#11
Nobody's making any money off these games whatsoever, just let it go.

Saying something does not make it true. They wouldn't continue to make the games if they weren't profitable.

You've got no evidence to back up your claims, just let it go.
Is this finally a conundrum that CAN'T be solved with helicopter theft?

User Info: MurphX2100

9 years ago#12
Their profit is coming from something else, it sure isn't the games they make.

User Info: TH3_S3V3NTH_SON

9 years ago#13
Actrivision would not continue investing in the Cabela's franchise if it didn't make money period. These games make money. They most likely have a small dev team creating these games. It keeps costs low so that when the game only sells 200,000 copies they still turn profit.
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