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User Info: KingOfHyrule

1 month ago#1
Skyward Sword rocks. It kicks ass, it's awesome, it's really good, it's freakin' buttf***ing amazing, and it's one of the best Zeldas games.

It's also really good.

In fact, science has proven that Skyward Sword is the equivalent of twenty thousand liters of PURE SEX injected directly to the bloodstream. SCIENCE.

bUt BuT bUt--BuT sKyLoFt--BuT tHe WaGgLe--BuT--

Nope. How 'bout you make like Link and shush.
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User Info: Drunkie

1 month ago#2
Your beer tax must go

User Info: darkmoonbeam

3 weeks ago#3
leave his beer alone!
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

1 week ago#4
SS may have been my favorite Zelda game before BotW...and everyone knows I'm THE authority on Zelda. My uncle (Who works at Nintendo) said Yamauchi-san himself confirmed this back in 1995.

Anyway, just patiently waiting for the Switch HD version
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