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User Info: ChainGoblin

4 months ago#31
2/10 Second rate troll attempt.

"It wasn't what I want a Zelda game to be therefore is garbage" That's the best you got? Really? Not even close to par, kid.

First off Overworld is the best we'd gotten before BotW. People like to forget Hyrule Field was always a big empty hub mess that just wasted time. and the ocean was even worse in wind waker. Literally nothing to look at, big flat blue puddle.The fact that you couldn't be bothered with Skyloft or it's people or the sidequests that would have given you stuff to do isn't the designers fault. The content is there, your refusal to play it doesn't change that fact.

Also flying a bird is far more involved and interesting then riding a horse (again) or waving a wand to sail a boat.

Pacing is your issue, in a Zelda game? Every single game since Ocarina had us backtracking our asses off. Nobody complained because we got new areas to explore and the gameplay was good, which still holds true. You're literally complaining that your nonlinear game isn't linear enough. And you claim to be Zelda fans? The story doesn't matter, it never does. It's slightly more fleshed out but the narrative isn't the objective, the gameplay is. Saving Zelda is just a side effect of good gameplay.

On to gameplay, yes it is solid, moreso then it ever was, and in a way it will likely never be again. Your inability to learn motion + controls isn't the designers faults. Children learned it easily. A veteran like myself who's played every game since the original had no trouble adapting. All you have to do is flick your wrist. The controls respond fine. Shield Bash and dodge are also still viable strategies.

The way the motion controls were integrated into level design and boss fights was ingenious. Ever since Ocarina bosses had the same boring "Insert bomb here please" strategy that was dead tired twenty years ago. Here every feature is seamlessly integrated into the exploration and puzzle solving mechanics that have been integral to the franchise since day one, and managed to give a long overdue upgrade to the combat.

Takes one salty fanatic to think their indifference to the story makes the game bad, all while refusing to let go of the tired copy and paste gameplay we've gotten since ALttP. Let it go people. Nobody reasonably wants to play through the same exact experience 20 times.

User Info: OhHiRenan

1 month ago#32
It's crazy to me how people misunderstand Skyward Sword as a game on such a visceral level. It's painfully clear in the opening hours that it's not following the Ocarina of Time model and is instead a story focused action/adventure game with light exploration and an emphasis on environmental puzzles. It's okay to dislike the game because of its motion controls– it can be a tough barrier to get over– but threads like these ultimately just showcase how little some people actually think about the games they play.

The average consumer doesn't want innovation, they want a toy.
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User Info: EvilResident

3 weeks ago#33
Wow. This topic is about to hit 1 year old pretty soon
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  3. The many faults of Skyward Sword
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