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User Info: Frizzurd

9 years ago#1
I used to think Link in Ocarina of Time looked effeminate/metrosexual. Compared to Skyward Sword Link he is pretty tough looking though. Which Link do you think is most masculine and which looks the most like a pretty boy?

masculine: Link in ALTP instruction booklet

effeminate: Skyward Sword

CDI Link does not count lol

User Info: PrinceOfZeal

9 years ago#2
Good question! :D

Effeminate: Twilight Princess
Masculine: Wind Waker

User Info: jam24

9 years ago#3
I think all the Links WW onward have been extremely boyish looking, not really femm, well lets just say he looks like he would be the main attraction of films which are not considered legal.

User Info: foolm0ron

9 years ago#4
Just looking at appearance, you're right, but if you look at the acrobatics that each can do, it's the opposite.

OoT Link: Girly flips
SS Link: Hardcore sprinting and wall climbing
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User Info: Frizzurd

9 years ago#5
Every time he picks up an item in this game he looks very Michael Jackson-ish lol Still not as fem as Tidus in the cut-scenes from Final Fantasy 10.

User Info: Silverhawk

9 years ago#6
masculine: Link in ALTP instruction booklet


^That's how his supposed to look actually^
Still looks as manly as this:

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User Info: hyliaman

9 years ago#7
He's never been a particularly masculine guy...

The only time where he was considered such was when he was drawn by a third party for the american instruction books and strategy guides, and possibly the cartoon.

Though what do you expect for someone who is a child in most of his incarnations but four ( and two of them were kids at the start of their careers )
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User Info: LordAlistair

9 years ago#8
TP Link is the most masculine, but even he isn't exactly manly

OoT Link is probably the most effeminate

User Info: depperd

9 years ago#9
The concept art on the right of the bigger Link's boot.

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User Info: Wario_man

9 years ago#10
People have different views on what classifies masculinity. I don't think anything does.
As long as you're not wearing a dress, make up, or intentionally trying to look like a female then you're fine with me.
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