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User Info: NuclearCobra

9 years ago#41
A note about the WAR! special mission (SPOILER ALERT):

I believe it takes place after the Skedar Ruins mission because of the 3 Skedar Kings. The briefing mentions that another candidate for the Skedar king was activated when Joanna killed the previous king.

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
9 years ago#42
Oh, you're right. It would've helped if I had read the briefings before making this. =P

Thanks, I'll correct it in the updated version (whenever I finally get around to it).
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User Info: Vince_omgz

7 years ago#43
If anyone's really jonesing for a good PD site like I was, you can still get to the old Detstar.com content through the internet archive page (yes, a real thing) at www.archive.org. Just type in www.detstar.com into the search bar on there, choose a date from the calendar and surf away like it's 2003 again!

Not everything is available because of archiving issues but all of the good stuff is there (CS stats explanations, strategies for CS challenges, weapon stats, etc.) . Most of all though it's got probably the most complete section of glitches, tricks, and secrets that was ever compiled back then. Not to mention that parts of the forum are still accessible which is kind of funny to read since people are still swooning over Doom 3 screenshots and using words like "kewl"

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
7 years ago#44
I forgot this thread was still a thing.

DetErest has actually returned. Who knows if he'll open his site back up though.

User Info: Winged_Fox

6 years ago#45
I finally decided to get this since I missed the original so much (lost my n64 ages ago. Sad face) but when I tried the demo I couldn't grasp the controls since my hands automatically wanted to hold it in 1.2 mode. Anyway, I was doing the firing range and remembered the old "sentry gun cheat" where you deployed a laptop sentry to assist with the firing range. Turns out the trick is still there. I thought they had taken it out but I simply wasn't timing it properly.

User Info: Storm101

6 years ago#46
This guide should really be updated. Missing a lot of important stuff such as GoldenEye weapons being in Combat Simulator, changes to Carrington Institute Defense and Combat Boosts etc.

User Info: MrBombasticaI

5 years ago#47
How long do stickies actually stay open?
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I got the Three Kings award by killing the last Skedar King and the 2nd king was still alive, so I actually got the award before I completed the mission! I left the 2nd king alive to kill the last king before the 2nd king and got the award on the last king already. So maybe you just have to kill the last king in under 1:35? I killed him around 1:20 mark or so and got the award, then killed the 2nd one and finished the mission in 1:33.

About the Chicago Co-Op, I think Co-Op is required for this.
I tried to get it in Solo Missions, Co-Op with Sim but I couldn't get the award.
I did Co-Op with a 2nd player who was just standing there, I did the same as I did in Solo (Get Bombspy, explode it for objective 2, get Remote Mine for objective 1 and end the level) and I got the award!

In Carrington Institute too, Combat Boosts are allowed making the timer slower, as player 2 was just standing there and even died. It was a challenge since the AI is twice as fast in Co-Op with a human player. I can't confirm if you need to do 1 first, but I did 1 first anyway and used the first Combat Boost in the hallway in the dropship room and the other in the elevator going up to rescue the Hostages. The ending was hard since player 2 was standing there and you can't do anything with a Steering Wheel lol, so I couldn't use the other 2 Combat Boosts to make the ending easier, so I can confirm you can take as long as you want to finish the level after you rescued the Hostages in time.

Now I have a question for anyone who got the 'Ninja' award.
Do you have to be unarmed? Do you need to kill a human player and what method?
Thanks in advance.
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Ok,, seems I got the Ninja award already.
What I need is Joanna Gamer picture by completing all missions on Perfect Agent with auto aim OFF. Do you need to do that on Perfect Agent only or do you need to complete the levels on every difficulty?

Also, do you need to complete the missions with auto aim OFF on Co-Op and/or Counter-Op aswell?

Thanks in advance.
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