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User Info: jotokun

11 years ago#1
I thought I'd try to replicate the shots in the images shown for the XBLA port in PD64 so people can get a better idea of what to expect.

I couldnt figure out where in the level the first screenshot was taken, so I went to the next best spot I could find








XBLA(Sorry, couldnt find a direct link):

So far its looking good for a port, but even if it had 64 visuals, I would have been sold on solid framerate.

User Info: GBB_Doramascher

11 years ago#2
I couldnt figure out where in the level the first screenshot was taken, so I went to the next best spot I could find

I think that's because you'd only see that area from that angle if you were playing the level backwards.

User Info: Game_Player05

11 years ago#3
The first pic?

Hm...first floor you come to after taking the elevator down, far at the end of the hall through the two brown doors (first set, second is a lounge) and an enemy standing near the window. To your left there is a single brown door, behind it a DD guard sitting at a desk, a handgun magazine on his desk.

The screen is taking there during the third part of that level, when you are escaping. Same level, but with Cassandra's Guards chasing you.

If I recall correctly. :P
Meh, new sig time.

User Info: TheMilkman99

11 years ago#4
Thanks TC. Dang, I never realised how bad PD's graphics are compared to the XBLA version. One thing is bothering me however. In PD the ammo numbers were lovely block letters that made you think, digital, computer, future numbers. In PDXBLA, the ammo numbers look like a Times New Roman font that makes the game feel like a flash game. D:

I hope they get the proper (or similar looking) font before release.

User Info: wadprime

11 years ago#5

So nitpicky, lol. But now that I actually stopped to take a look at it, yeah, I prefered the old font, lol.

User Info: TheMilkman99

11 years ago#6

User Info: mitu123

11 years ago#7

PD XBLA looks like an Xbox game to me in HD(1080p), I LOL when I read that someone said it was just a high res N64 looking game:lol: when no other N64 game looked that good, not even Conker's Bad Fur Day, the best looking N64 game to me. Playing that with graphics that good at 60FPS is going to be sweet. I'm glad you made this comparison TC.:D

And TheMilkman99, I agree, though I don't mind the change, it doesn't effect me or my enjoyment with it.

User Info: dTerent

11 years ago#8
It's a big improvement, and it's great IMO. They're definitely putting effort into this.

User Info: Supremegamer64

11 years ago#9

Its going to be very sweet, mitu123.

Pic 1. This one looks better from every aspect. Most impressive.Love the detail in the marble desk, the carpet actually looks like carpet. (you can see the treads/lines in it.) The background out he window looks amazing compared to the N64, with what looks like a sun set in the distance. The guard looks alot better. The only complaint I have is that the guards gun looks strange like it doesn't belong in the picture. I can live with it.

Pic 2. I noticed they made thosecomputer monitors look more realistic for the time.(They have less glare now resembling LCD screens.) And the detail all around looks heaps better. Floor grate looks alittle funny with the new graphics... Only complaint!

Pic 3. The level of new detail is astounding in this one. Everything got re-textured and sharpened up. More pillows on the couch and a different Picture on the wall. Oh and you can actually see through the glass from any angle. BIG IMPROVEMENTS ALL AROUND.

Pic 4. Alot more detail. Love they new details in the sand, shadows and the color saturation makes the level look so much better. (not washed out).

User Info: parabolee

11 years ago#10
Great work! I was going to do this myself. Thanks for saving me the time :-D

I posted this on my blog, take a look:- www.flat-life.com (below the comic and video).
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