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User Info: ChrisCSonichu

11 years ago#1
I have just looked at the PSBlog, http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/04/27/modnation-racers-mystery-mods-revealed/, on the Mystery Mod Karts revealed with Images. Then I went to modnation.com; on the Pre-Order Tab, they had between Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop their characters of Ratchet/Clank, Nathan Drake and Kratos, EACH Character + Different Mystery Mod Images. Linking the Shaded Images with the revealed Mods on the Blog, I've solved This Mystery. It is certainly NOT a "Luck of the Draw".

On Amazon, It will be Ratchet & Clank + Woody.
On Best Buy, It will be Nathan Drake + Lil Tinker.
On GameStop, It will be Kratos + Mouse Trap.

That Leaves the FOURTH Mod, the Cowboy. Further investigating the Blog Page, they mentioned GameCrazy, so I went over there, and on the ModNation Racer description page, http://www.gamecrazy.com/games/game.aspx?id=14551, they talk about THIER Exclusive Character and Kart, a "Nukular Set with Mauler Kart and Accessories". And with the process of Elimination...

On GameCrazy, It will be Nukular + Cowboy.

Now, my next question, since there was NO talk on the Blog or an Image for it, WHO or WHAT is "Nukular"/"Mauler"? Image Links or Info on this Character/Game would be appreciated.

Christian Weston Chandler,

User Info: Quicksilver9448

11 years ago#2
those pictures are just for show...the mystery mods will be completely random no matter where you pre-order from, the developers said so themselves.
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User Info: ChrisCSonichu

11 years ago#3
PSN: Sonichu
**Check out MY Self-Character, Sonichu Kart, and Cwcville Track I created in the ModNation Beta on my Cwcipedia; ALL have been uploaded onto the ModNation Server.


11 years ago#4
I take it you didn't actually read the comments? It's not an indication of what extra mod is going where, it was just an example.

Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy Pre-orders get their exclusive (Ratchet & Clank, Nathan Drake or Kratos) + Sackboy (will also be available for a limited time while supplies last for post release purchases) + One Random "mystery mod".

User Info: ChrisCSonichu

11 years ago#5
Oh, yeah? Well, LOOK at the Card included with the Pre-Order Box at ANY Best Buy; YOU WILL SEE Lil Tinker's Shadow Image with Nathan Drake on THAT CARD as well. When you redeem your Codes from each respective character, don't be surprised when you find the EXACT Matching Mystery Mod as I Have Noted.

User Info: ChrisCSonichu

11 years ago#6
And I will ask this question One More Time...

WHO or WHAT is "Nukular"/"Mauler"?

User Info: Aliluc

11 years ago#7
^ Sigh. That's just for showing that there's an extra mod in it.
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11 years ago#8
I have no idea who/what Nukular or Mauler could and the almighty Google is giving me nothing solid to go by.

Yes, I saw it days ago, Mouse Trap, Lil Tinker, Cowboy and Woody are the mystery mods, you will not know which one you get until you actually download it, the silhouette are just examples for what you get. If you read the responses in the comments you would know this has been confirmed.

User Info: steeleye5

11 years ago#9
judging by the name, it sounds like it's gonna be something made to look like its radioactive, common sense
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User Info: quikwit1212

11 years ago#10
I hate how you burst onto the scene, give us information we already know, plus wrong information, and then deny that YOU are the wrong one, even though most of us have been following this game for a LONG time. You don't know what you're talking about, and it has already been stated they are random, hence the name "Mystery Mod".
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