FFXI vs. FFXIV: Round 2 - the Action Bar vs. the Macro Pallet

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User Info: Styron

8 years ago#21
You've never learned to recognize an ability by its icon?

I really have no idea what some of my icons on my bars are for; muscle memory covers it.
PSN: Antor, Gamertag: tstyron

User Info: mack10

8 years ago#22
I too actually don't find it easy to memorize icons - but either way i don't mind the hot bar system - I still think macros will show up in XIV, about 99% sure, so we get the best of both worlds.

User Info: askpeevies

8 years ago#23
I memorize all my icons and macros by muscle by memory as well but it's very easy to memorize icons
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User Info: Styron

8 years ago#24
I know what most of my icons are, but I have some lesser used ones that I either plain don't know the name for or would have to hover over to remember exactly what it was or does (like Hand of Salvation and Righteous Defense on my Retribution Paladin, for example).
PSN: Antor, Gamertag: tstyron

User Info: __typh0n

8 years ago#25
FFXI's macro system was built for middle-schoolers, and as such there wasn't much you could really do with it aside from the most basic functionality.

WoW's macro system is literally an entire programming language, and the possibilities are nearly endless. That said, it's a bit too complex for the average user to be able to make use of it.

A happy medium would be grand.
It's boring as hell, and a frustrating waste of time. - TaintedSeraphim on Final Fantasy XI

User Info: Tanthalas

8 years ago#26
The only problem I had with FFXI's macro system was the lack of space.
Sir Markham pointed out, drinking another brandy. "A chap who can point at you and say 'die' has the distinct advantage".

User Info: saul777

8 years ago#27

From: TaintedSeraphim | #018
Ooooh, I accidentally left out one single letter. Somebody call the grammar police! We can't have people making typos! Not on the internet!

funny because in another topic on this same board you did the same thing. someone misspelled morrowind and you said i have no idea what morrowing is.

User Info: TaintedSeraphim

8 years ago#28
^Go back and read that topic a little closer. I was correcting myself.

User Info: EnjoyMe

8 years ago#29

From: Sinfjotle | #009
Your writing is terrible, and the subject is completely worthless. No one cares about comparing FFXI to WoW these days. That happened in 2005. Also, we get it, you hate FFXI. You also never really made anything resembling progress in FFXI yet played it forever because you're a terrible player.

Also, I really lol'd: The game even forced you to specify exactly what kind of target you wanted to use the ability on. It couldn't be smart and recognize automatically that "Stonga," an offensive Area-of-Effect attack, should be used against enemies, specifically, the enemy you're currently targeting. No, you had to specifically spell it out with the letter "t" (for target) sandwiched between greater-than and less-than brackets.

If you're using <t> for Stonega -- not Stonga -- you're doing it wrong.

Yes, this.

[E[]V[]e *also responds to Santana*
Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XI, Super Smash Bros. Melee

User Info: mack10

8 years ago#30
Out of curiosity what would you use for "Stonega"? I always used or in my macros, what is wrong with using /ma "Stonega" ?? just curious because I'm guessing there's a better method?
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