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User Info: kamikaze135

7 years ago#1
Battle system has changed. XIV now has a combo system that added bonus effects like debuffs, less MP use, and less cast time.

No more physical levels. Now, each class has their own individual level. You can hit level cap with all classes. Fatigue system is also gone.

Grand Companies. Think of these as city guilds. Each has their own story and by joining one, you're able to take part in missions for them and earn seals. With seals you can buy gear, accessories, manuals (exp boost for crafting and gathering classes), items, and this is actually where you get your Chocobo.

Raids. We now have four raids. Each raid has bosses and optional bosses that drop keys for treasure chests.

Dungeons. At the moment, we have access to four dungeons - one mid level and 3 end-game. Each dungeon is timed and contains bosses. Speed runs reward better treasure.

Primal fights. These are basically fights with iconic summons from previous Final Fantasy games. So far, we have Ifrit, Moogle, and Garuda. Shiva, Odin, and Ramuh were confirmed for 2.0. Titan and Leviathan will also be released, but nothing was mentioned as to when.

Mounts. At the moment, there are two mounts - Chocobo and Goobbue. You can bard you Chocobo and equip three styles of armor for it. In 2.0 you will be able to breed Chocobos and have them fight along side you. In 2.0, Chocobo can be breed to fight as a magic caster or to fight close up. A few other mounts were shown via concept art - Ahriman and a drake. Magitech armor from Final Fantasy VI will be a mount in 2.0 as well.

Transportation. We now have airships aside from the Anima we've always had that allows us to teleport to nodes around Eorzea. Airship fees go according to your highest level character.

Crafting is now a lot easier to level. The crafting timer has been abolished and the crafting skills have been revamped to make crafting easy. Some skills actually automatically fill your progress bar to 30% and 20%. Some skills ensure success with your next three attempts. These skills, once obtained through level up, can be used with any other crafter.

Questing. NPCs now offer quests and quests all around offer more exp than they used to. You're also now able to stack up to 99 leves (quests) from the Adventurer Guild, but only take 8 at a time.

Rested EXP has been introduced. If you log out at an inn at one of the cities, you can accumulate rested exp. It takes a week to completely fill the rested exp bar and you gain 50% more exp. You can go up a few levels at lower levels with a full rested exp bar.

Materia system allows you to enchant your gear and give them bonus stats. To obtain materia, you can either purchase them or make them from your own gear. All gear as a bar called a Spiritbond bar. If you're in battle/crafting/gathering with the gear equip, the Spiritbond bar slowly fills up. Once it gets to max, you can transform that piece of gear into Materia and meld that Materia into other gear. Some gear can't have Materia added, but most can.

Stats have also bee revamped. If you haven't logged in for a while, you'll notice the boost in MP/HP...and a huge boost in accuracy from the horribly ACC we had at launch.

Spells/Skills have been revamped as well. Most of our old skills are gone, but the skills we do have are more useful. We have a few new skills as well. New animations were also added.
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User Info: kamikaze135

7 years ago#2
Job System has been added. Basically these are more advanced forms of the class system more geared towards party play. You can use them for soloing, but people tend to stick to classes for that due to being able to use more skills/spells since jobs are more restricted to their role.

Hamlet Defense. This is content that was added recently. It's content that high level players can all take part of. Battle classes, crafters, and gatherers all have a part to play. It all boils down to having to protect NPCs from enemy invasion.

Inventory. You can now carry 200 items (previously only 100). You can also hire an additional retainer for a total or two, whom can each carry 150 items each.

Market Ward The market ward from each city can now be accessed from any city. Items are categorized and there is also an item search bar to make searching for items easier.

Search feature. Now, you can search for players in your server. You can search according to Grand Company, looking for party, class,job, etc. In the upcoming 1.22c, you can search for party and what it is they want to do - primal fight, level, hamlet, etc.

I'm sure I've missed a lot of other things so feel free to add to the list.
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User Info: FelixTrapper

7 years ago#3
This is a great list! Very concise and informative. Thanks for putting it together.
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User Info: kamikaze135

7 years ago#4
Glad it helped. I hope others find it helpful as well.
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User Info: HootieHoo

7 years ago#5
This is excellent, thanks a bunch!
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User Info: ELIS_A

7 years ago#6
Sticky request
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User Info: Shibuto

7 years ago#7
Should be stickied in case people want to catch up to the story that is going to change in 2.0
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User Info: kusumoto

7 years ago#8
Sticky requested.
Great post.
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User Info: omega cookie

omega cookie
7 years ago#9
Tagging this. Very well done, sticky requested.
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User Info: RollEqualsCute

7 years ago#10
Agreed with all of the above, this is a phenomenal list and NEEDS to be stickied.
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