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4 years ago#1
Well with summer coming up and time off i'm going to play through fallout 3 goty again and this time do an evil walkthrough. Figured if anyone has any suggestions or have done something similiar give me a shout on things to do. I've played through the game many times so i know most stuff but usually most people don't do the evil things since fallout 3 isn't really focused on bringing out a real evil character. I'll tell you what im starting and going to do so any more help is always appreciated.

Going to be a girl character, stats 5/6/5/1/10/7/6. With 10 intelligence don't need perks like comprehension or educated, etc will still max skills by level 30. Also don't need stat raising perks since level 30 you'll get "almost perfect" raising everything to 9/9/9/9/10/9/9 and then pick up bobbleheads to get all to 10. Level 30 comes only like 1/3rd of the way through the GOTY so very easy to max everything with the GOTY.

Now, will be visiting bethesda ruins and vault 106 early gameplay for lockpick/science bobbleheads, going to max those 2 skills pretty early so you can open/hack anything in the game early on, probably by level 10. Then can just raise up everything else playing normally without worrying about coming back for stuff due to not being able to get into anything. Focusing on unarmed early (3 levels iron fist) for easy killing of stuff even with unarmed or basic unarmed weapons (brass knuckles, etc). First 2 perks are 10% exp and black widow (nothing else to pick since you don't need skill or stat perks with GOTY).

Trying to hit most evil things in the game to do, blow up megaton, work with paradise falls slavers, steal everything, etc. Going to be plenty of dropping grenades in pockets, sniping, looting, killing, bla bla bla.

Now as for perks, there are evil perks such as cannibal and sandman, etc that for atmosphere are nice, but really aren't useful other than that. You will get much more out of perks ignoring those 2, but some might think an evil character might want those 2 perks just for playability. Me, i want combat perks that lets me kill stuff easier over "roleplay" perks, but thats what suggestions are for. All the rest of the perks are going to be based on fighting since well, thats the only hard part of the game really. 3 levels iron fist, paralyzing palm, 3 levels explosives, pyro, cyborg, endomologist, finess, bloody, sniper, criticals, you get the idea.

So just wanted come comments on if you think i should really take roleplaying perks for better "evil" feel or just stick with the normal combat ones. Im thinking after the dozenth time eating someone with cannibal i'm going to go "what a waste this takes way to long to gain back 25 hps lol, i can just drink from this sink), or with sandman it gives nice exp but most of the game you won't be using it and when you do it seems to get revealed way to much for some reason due to the animation or positioning or something. I also think after a few times i'll go mm rather just sneak punch someone to kill them instead of the dumb sandman thingie again.

So you can post here with suggestions if you want or email me jamesfriel06@comcast.net if you have any suggestions, ideas, things that might be cool besides being a slaver, killer, thief and murderer, brilliant mad scientist bad girlie girl.
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