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User Info: zxcvmnb

11 years ago#11
When do you unlock the variations of the 6 stages? Do you have to beat ever stage first?

I'm not sure if that's ever going to happen for me. The last set is SO HARD!

User Info: airmalak

11 years ago#12

What about the Co-op?

Pick up and play? Or do you need some time to be able to succesfully play with two players?

User Info: foggedUP

11 years ago#13
I don't like the slow pace: The 15 second wait at the beginning of each stage and in between rounds. No button to skip it either.

And I hate the permanent wiimote-shaking. It's so casual and unnecessary.

And yeah, it's repetitive too. Not much diversity in the 36 stages.

Apart from that it's an interesting and unique game, best played in short bursts (at least for me).
I could become addicted to master all stages.

Haven't tried co-op yet.

User Info: TRINDEL777

11 years ago#14
Haven't played co-op either.
I played 3 stages tonight and got 3 perfect or better than perfect. ( I mean, when you finish a level it gives you the number of Fallos you saves versus the number the game wants you to save. Like 31 out of 35. But you can save more than what the game ask you. Saved 39 out of 35 on one level.) The level you got perfect on, glows differently than other. dont know if you unlock something by perfecting all 36?!?

User Info: airmalak

11 years ago#15

Got it as well. Like it so far, but don't understand quite how you save more fallos.

I have no problem with comleting a set of levels, but saving a high number of fallos is a whole different aspect.

So far I've seen saving/falling at the end of the level, depends on how steady they are standing and if they are able to sit down or not.

How do you manage to get a lot of them to sit down?

User Info: TRINDEL777

11 years ago#16
When you make all good throw, with a good balance on your cubes, they will sit down. If the cubes have too much weigth on one side, the Fallos will slowly slides. If you finish a level and they are not steady, they will fall.

User Info: airmalak

11 years ago#17

Thanks for the advice. Finally managed to perfectly finish the first levels :)

A question to that: I finished one Level with 39/39 and another with 39/38 (or something like that). So it is possible to get more than max. But how is this max number calculated? Is it always the required fallos per level and the added up?


L1: 2 req.

L2: 4 req.

L3: 6 req.

L4: 8 req.

L5: 10 req.

L6: 12 req.

leads to am max of 42 in this case?

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