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User Info: metalgearstupid

11 years ago#1
okay, i've been using the codec "put 'em to sleep" and all she says is "whats the matter?" and i don't get anything. i've tried saying it to her while she's in the bikini and while she's in her school uniform, but she won't give up the specs. help?
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User Info: Onewinged_Angel

11 years ago#2
Is your heroism 115,000 or higher, as you don't get the required codec till then.
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User Info: Guy_Inc0gnito

11 years ago#3
It must be the buff codec, you get it with 150k hero pts.
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User Info: riddlebox89

11 years ago#4
you need 115k heroism points, after you get that you'll unlock the codec that says "say goodnight... ..." and you'll be able to get the specs from her.
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User Info: metalgearstupid

11 years ago#5
oh okay, yeah i'm way past 115k, but i didn't pay attention to what codec i got at the 115k mark. i didn't know it has to be the buff either. thanks guys
my defenses are impregnable
PSN yeung-jin

User Info: sx_paroxysm

11 years ago#6
at 215k you also get one that holds up enemies, I used that one.

User Info: Deaddster

11 years ago#7
I tried using the codec but she just kept saying that she wasn't tired. I tried getting her to the point where she hops up and down and then try the codec, still nothing.

User Info: mnienkerk

11 years ago#8
thank you for this... i was curious too and its been driving me crazy!

doesnt Kaz drop something on his date mission too? is that done in a similar manner?

User Info: kliefox

11 years ago#9
With Kaz its easier, since all you need to do is knock him out, and then pat him for the design specs he has.

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User Info: TheParoxysm

11 years ago#10
Go to the Missions, select it. Go to setup your codecs and find the "Say Goodnight... ..." one. Select it, and when you REASSIGN it to a button, press triangle. It will cause little sonar waves to come off of it on the little menu preview of all your currently assigned codecs, denoting that it is now activated as a codec buff.

So say I want to revive a friend, I would find "Don't die on me!" then select it to assign it to the slot. Once I do that I press triangle to activate it.

Good luck!
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