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  3. The hell are you supposed to do against Telethia? (spoilers I guess)

User Info: Star_Lord

6 months ago#1
I'm doing the first mandatory solo fight against one. Yes I know use Purge. Problem is I use it on one of them and then it won't be up for the next one and I'm just missing attacks all f***ing day. It's infuriating. I can't build my gauge if I can't hit the damn thing. It's super obnoxious. Is Battle Soul (is that the name?) the only option here? I ask because I always take it off Shulk as an AI since he uses it too much. Any way without it?

User Info: shadowreaper7

6 months ago#2
Battle Soul is useful in this respect (though yes you're right the AI is complete crap at using it effectively).
Essentially, using Purge should, if possible, be followed up with:
Split Edge -> Shadow Eye -> Backslash -> Stream Edge/Side-Break.
Successfully utilising positioning for these should give you enough talent gauge to reset purge whenever you need to, this should especially be the case if you've upgraded these arts to improve the cool down, and therefore use them more quickly.

Shulk as an AI should be using purge against Soul Read but he is a little finnicky sometimes with positional arts.
Essentially you may want to switch to Shulk or Melia for this fight (and if you haven't gotten used to fighting with Melia, i'd argue this is one of the perfect fights in order to do so).

Melia, Riki, Dunban/Reyn
Shulk, Riki, Dunban/Reyn

The above parties should have enough passive healing and your tank should be drawing the aggro such that you should be able to keep Purge/Mind Blast as a relatively common occurrence.
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User Info: Dragonslicr

6 months ago#3
After you use Purge, you shouldn't have any trouble hitting with a few regular attacks to build your Talent gauge back to full. You should use Stream Edge to get in an extra hit, but don't use any other arts if you're having troubling filling the Talent gauge (other arts take away time from regular attacks).

Is your level too low so that you have an accuracy penalty? You should be at least level 26 so that they aren't a yellow-tag enemy.

User Info: LightOfJudgment

6 months ago#4
The ally you have for that fight will fill your Talent Gauge when encouraging you, which should happen once your tension drops for missing attacks.
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User Info: chaincat22

5 months ago#5
I just got through this fight but, generally, you want to be sparing with your arts and use shadow eye a lot. If the telethia drains your talent gauge you're pretty much done for the next minute or so unless Melia uses Mind Blast, which her AI will do a lot (more than she should, even). Keep aggro on your tank, and save your talent gauge for when it uses soul read. If the problem is you can't hit it period, regardless of soul read, now might be a good time to go do side quests and level up, or go make more agility gems and try to get the heat bonus so it's a rank higher.
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User Info: dinglercleric

5 months ago#6
Always use light heal after using battle soul.
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  3. The hell are you supposed to do against Telethia? (spoilers I guess)
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