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User Info: yoshikid979

5 years ago#1
Xenoblade's world is huge. I've played almost 200 hours, have not completely done every quest (not even close) and there is still some things for me to explore. However, anyone who has played Skyrim knows that the world there is massive as well. Now, I've played both, and want to know which one is bigger (not by what the developers say, because Xenoblade is bigger than Skyrim by real scale.) I want to know which one has more content/is bigger by how much there is to do/explore. Personally, my money's on Skyrim (even though I like Xenoblade better because the story and gameplay are much better than Skyrim imo).

Apparently, Xenoblade Chronicles X is bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles by 5 times, so I wanted to do a comparison test in my head just to head how massive that world is.
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User Info: Unoriginal123ab

5 years ago#2
X was confirmed bigger
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User Info: AverageBoss

5 years ago#3
I don't know about Xenoblade compared to Skyrim. But I do know that Skyrim is smaller than Morrowind is smaller than Oblivion is smaller than Daggerfall. Of course Daggerfall is the largest game map out there clocking in at 62,394 Sq miles. Star Wars Galaxies by comparison, even though it supposed to represent an entire galaxy, is only 200 sq miles. Oblivion is only 16 sq miles.

I don't know about the sq miles of Xenoblade or Skyrim, either abstracted or actual.

User Info: masa8mune

5 years ago#4
I think xenoblade is smaller than skyrim, but X will be bigger than skyrim.
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User Info: VanilleHopen

5 years ago#5
Big maps alone does not a game make... There are 2 huge differences between xenoblade and skyrim that made me absoutley love one and find the other a boring pile of rubbish..

1)breath taking areas that all look and feel vastly different from eachother so you are excited to see what's coming next.

2) A linear story that progresses AS you explore the world to give you that sense of advancement and accomplishment as you go along..

Xenoblade did both these things perfectly skyrim did neither.. It's sitting on my shelf and I will never touch it again.
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User Info: saul777

5 years ago#6
Xenoblade feels bigger to me over world wise. Granted skyrim does have a lot of interior areas that are big.
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User Info: ScaldedBeaver

5 years ago#7
Someone measured the size Xenoblade's world in this topic: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/960564-xenoblade-chronicles/69950559?page=3

flanqer posted...
I've calculated the area of each map. From smallest to largest:

MAP ............... SQ KM ... SQ MI ... SCALE
Mechonis Core ..... 0.00085 . 0.0003 .. 6000 px/km
Frontier Village .. 0.10 .... 0.037 ... 3000 px/km
High Entia Tomb ... 0.11 .... 0.044 ... 1500 px/km
Tephra Cave ....... 0.13 .... 0.051 ... 1440 px/km
Ether Mines ....... 0.14 .... 0.054 ... 1500 px/km
Agniratha ......... 0.14 .... 0.056 .... 545 px/km
Galahad Fortress .. 0.16 .... 0.063 ... 1000 px/km
Prison Island ..... 0.17 .... 0.067 .... 895 px/km
Colony 6 .......... 0.27 .... 0.11 ..... 800 px/km
Central Factory ... 0.31 .... 0.12 ..... 500 px/km
Bionis Interior ... 0.70 .... 0.27 ..... 800 px/km
Alcamoth .......... 0.71 .... 0.27 .... 1000 px/km
Mechonis Field .... 0.72 .... 0.28 ..... 400 px/km
Satorl Marsh ...... 0.92 .... 0.35 .... 1000 px/km
Fallen Arm ........ 1.03 .... 0.40 ..... 750 px/km
Colony 9 .......... 1.03 .... 0.40 .... 1000 px/km
Sword Valley ...... 1.15 .... 0.45 ..... 500 px/km
Bionis' Leg ....... 2.04 .... 0.79 ..... 585 px/km
Valak Mountain .... 2.18 .... 0.84 ..... 500 px/km
Makna Forest ...... 3.32 .... 1.28 ..... 500 px/km
Eryth Sea ........ 15.24 .... 5.89 ..... 250 px/km

TOTAL: 30.59 square kilometers (11.81 square miles)

... Doesn't sound very big after all, does it? Of course we can only explore a very small portion of the Bionis and Mechonis.

The margin of error is probably around 10-20%.

I only included the parts of the map that are accessible. For example, Tephra Cave only includes the tunnels and rooms, not the solid rock between them, and Frontier Village excludes the large empty space on floors 2-8.

For reference, I included the scale of the Japanese map in pixels/km.

Methodology to be explained in the next post...

Apparently, Skyrim is 14-15 square miles.

More large game maps: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/aperturesilence/blog/a-relative-size-comparison-of-game-world-maps-fasc/49712/

We can see that Xenoblade is not that huge, but XBCX certainly will be.

User Info: saul777

5 years ago#8
I think xenoblades size is fine. I hope they go into X with the idea of making the game good and not just bigger for the sake of it.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#9
Wow, didn't think anyone actually measured it. 30 square kilometers is pretty large, though smaller than Skyrim. And Eryth Sea alone takes up like half of it, eve though the useful amount of explorable area isn't very large.

Either way, it looks like XCX will be a good amount bigger.
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User Info: RennanNT

5 years ago#10
saul777 posted...
I think xenoblades size is fine. I hope they go into X with the idea of making the game good and not just bigger for the sake of it.

Its not for the sake of it.
The quote was something like:
"Because in X you explore things inside a Doll 5 times bigger than a person, we have to make the world at least 5 times bigger too" [or it would feel smaller than the original].
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