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  3. ATTN: Anyone who wants to convert their PAL save file over to NTSC

User Info: ninkendo

7 years ago#1
Just successfully did it myself. Here's what you have to do. Don't need the Homebrew Channel or anything to do this. Just need a computer and an SD card.


1. Download the Xenoblade Save Tools.zip

2. Copy your PAL Xenoblade save file from a Wii to your SD card.

3. Find it in your SD card. From the root click on Private and it should go to a folder named Wii then a folder named Title. If you've done this before sending Wii saves to the SD you'll have a ton of folders with 4 letter codes on them. The one for Xenoblade is SX4P.

4. While you're here create a second folder next to it called SX4E. This is the one we'll be using for the converted save file when we're done.

5. Copy the Xenoblade file in the SX4P folder (should be titled data.bin) into the folder called Pack Save that you extracted from the link above.

6. Run the batch file in that folder called "_extract data.bin." This will turn your data.bin into 3 files called monado01, monado02 and monado03. These are the 3 corresponding save files to your PAL save. They should all be in the same folder as the one you're currently in

7. Now run the batch file called "_pack NTSC data.bin" and it'll create another folder called private and it has the same set of folders found on your SD card.

8. Follow that all the way until you find the new data.bin which is now your Xenoblade save file converted to NTSC. Copy and paste that back to your SD card, but this time in the SX4E folder that you created.

9. Put the SD card back in your Wii and copy the new NTSC save from your SD card to your Wii

If it all worked correctly your save should now work with the US version of Xenoblade!

User Info: xLexLuth0rx

7 years ago#2
Nice tip, thanks! I'll be using this later today.
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User Info: Citan22

7 years ago#3
nice, i've been researching how to do this for several nights and i had it narrowed down to about 3 methods, one of which should work.. but since this one does, that's what i'll do. thanks!

User Info: manofStele

7 years ago#4

User Info: simon__sez

7 years ago#5
Worked beautifully for me! Saved me 42 hours of my current savegame!

User Info: MidgardDragon99

7 years ago#6
Thank you, I will have to mark this for later just to prove to myself I can do it. That said I already decided to start a new game instead of a New Game+ on my NTSC copy so I don't really need it anymore.

User Info: impossible2beat

7 years ago#7
WTF I had no idea I could do this, hmm I was only in 18 hours on the pal version, and havent played it in months so ill probably just stick to the save Im in now, but thanks for this, Ill probably do it, just to see that I can

User Info: DrAndonuts

7 years ago#8
How do I run the bin files? I'm using a buddy's PC, and I'm not quite sure what program to use.

User Info: DrAndonuts

7 years ago#9
Better yet, if any of you guys could help me, I'd really appreciate it - I've added my save to this folder, all that needs to be done is run the .bin and convert it to US. I'd appreciate any help:


User Info: Bobjoemac

7 years ago#10
Awesome thanks!
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