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User Info: cottoncandy222

6 years ago#1
Okay. I heard rumors there IS a Style Savvy 2 except it's only for 3DS. But i think i should go ahead and post my ideas for style savvy 2,anyway. And you can even post YOUR ideas too.
1. Dominic SHOULD ask you out, he takes you anywhere you want and if it goes well...YOU GET MARRIED!
2.There should be more things like rings,braclets,purses and earrings
3.there should be more clothes. Example: wedding dresses, pajamas, and whatever else
4. each customer should ask for something different everytime and there should be at least 40 new customers each day so its not the same person day after day after day. Example for asking: *customer comes up* Hi. My boyfriend asked me to marry him last night so i need a wedding dress.
5.Why do they only have girls? Boys wear clothes too. There should be boy customers too. They can even buy gifts. Example: Hey. I really love my girlfriend so i wanna get her a really nice necklace. (I know,i know. Pitty example)
6. You should be able to buy furnitere for your home. Example: tables,chairs,tvs,beds.
And you should be able to buy new homes if you wanted.
7. Some may disagree on this completely but there should be pregnant customers too. For example: A girl with a huge belly could come in your store. "Hi. My name's _____ (whatever) and i'm 7 months pregnant. I'm expecting a girl so i need some girl baby clothes. Can you please help?" Also, your person could be pregnant too if she wanted.
8. This is for the pregnancy thing. If your person did become pregnant (not doing what you think.) and when the baby wanted to come this is what would happen: You'd have to call someone, they'd come over and take you to a hospital, a doctor would put you in hospital clothes but when its time to push the screen would go black and you'd only be able to hear. (Your not supposed to see the baby or babies come out so they block the view until its out) Then when you hear a baby crying the screen goes back to color and you have a baby. You can name the baby,dress the baby and all that.
9.You should be able to call people. Sometimes when you make friends with someone or you really please a customer they'll give you there phone number. In your home you'll have a telephone and you just click on it and a list of phone numbers show up. The person's name will be next to the number so you'll know whose number is whose. Just click on the number and you'll call the person. If there's no answer then that means there not home
10.There should be more places. (Hospitals,cafes,restaurants,parks,movie theaters, and you'll be able to visit customer's homes.)
11. Sometimes there will be a huge problem you'll have to deal with. Sometimes people will call you and they'll need help that doesn't involve fashion.

That's all i can think of. If i think of anymore i'll post them.

User Info: Scruffelz22

6 years ago#2
Nice ideas I hope style savvy 2 is also available for regular DS users. Another idea is cheaper clothes at buyers central. I think there should be competiting stores too for a challenge. More advertisements and clothes promotions and extra decor ideas and 5 manequens (spelling?) for display. A smaller demo and 2 save slots (I love expirementing with different brands).
More brands:
Platitude: As you can guess everything is plaid here. Ranging from plaid shirts to plaid leggIngs and shoes!!!!
Sweet bitterness: A brand that's all about creative cute T-Shirts. Y'know those shirts like "I'm smiling under this mustache", "I got mad ninja skills" and Om Nom Nom (giraffe one). Also with nice skinny jeans and Vans Shoes
Alibi: mainly those clothes from tillys!
Those are just a few ideas hopefully I can play style savvy 2 in the future!
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