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User Info: silverbeatles

7 years ago#1
Will there be one? I hope there is because I liked the first one but I want some things to change. I KNOW THERE'S A HUNDRED OF THESE BUT IDK HOW TO POST IN THE FORUMS AND THEY AREN'T LOCKED. :)

1. I want the feet fixed. I want the pumps and others to look normal at all angles.

2.More stores! Obviously.

3. I want to go to different places like other cities and maybe countries! You know? Your story shouldn't stop right there where you're in this little town and you have a day of practice and get your own little store then win a little competition in the town! You should be able to put more of your stores in places and hire people to work in them?? Idk maybe people you know and have met as normal customers? And in each city has it's own different style and more than one store that have that same style theme but different clothes and items!

4. I want my ads on billboards ect. with my chars face and I want different poses like the girls at the title screen of the game!

5. More competitions.

6. Customers come in for different things like some people want a whole outfit or just a top(Yea already in the first) but in this some customers should want something for weddings or dates or parties ect. Example: *Customer comes in* "I have a date with this guy and I need something flirty!" or "I'm getting married(or she can be a guest or something) and I need a dress!" and you have different color wedding dresses in different styles.

7. More items and clothing that we didn't have like purses/bags, umbrellas, bracelets, rings, earrings, nail polish for hands and toes!

8. Customers all on a list after you meet with info on what brands they like and specifics Go out with more people like ask them, anyone of your customers and you can do more at the places.

9. Move into different types of homes and buy, sell, and arrange furniture/walls/ect.


User Info: A7thSteve

7 years ago#2
About a week ago, SynSophia (the Japanese company that created Style Savvy), put up job postings for a project director and a programmer, stating that they would be working on a "big project". I don't know if it's going to be Style Savvy, but it's likely considering how successful the original was.
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