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  3. Who's Still Around From When This Game Was Out And Remembers?

User Info: ReddShope

10 months ago#1
The great influx of people and that great feel we got when the game was first released.....

and also the amount of regulars to this board that kept it in the top 10 DS games for so long? Any of y'all still here?
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User Info: l33t_ninj4_1337

9 months ago#2
Wouldn't exactly say I'm still around, but I got bored at work and decided to see if anybody still posts here.

And yeah, those were some good times.
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User Info: Mariotag

9 months ago#3
I wasn't on the boards so much then, but I remember when the game came out. It certainly doesn't feel like 9 years ago.
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User Info: CloudOmnislasV7

8 months ago#4
I wasn't here at the time but I still have my copy of the game.
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User Info: henno

8 months ago#5
I miss these games.

User Info: BraveDimension

8 months ago#6
Wish I could say I was...
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User Info: Sir_Dekar

7 months ago#7

This music is my drug...

User Info: Enshidia123

4 months ago#8
I was elsewhere but I do remember the game coming out and the excitement
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  3. Who's Still Around From When This Game Was Out And Remembers?
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