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User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#1
Hello fellow Golden Sun fans !

I've completed (and still own the original cartridges - mwhahaha) GS-1 and Lost Age, about 4-5 times each, over the years - and love them greatly. I had long delayed picking up Dark Dawn, mostly cause I forgot it had released (back when it was new) and I'd stepped away from GameBoy games for several years, after completing the GS games back on the GB-Adance SP ? (I think it was called - tiny little thing that was really snug in your hands, from what I recall).

Anyways...fast forward to last year, when I finally remembered / saw an ad or something on G-Faqs here, mentioning Dark Dawn, and I was like "oh yeah...they DID make a sequel, but I've never played it !".

Eager to try it out finally, and see where the story went from the end of Lost Age, I got it via Ebay, and am finally playing it now (Sept-2019). I have been using this guide, so far, as I did see a few posts here on the board and in review articles, mentioning that this game had several PONR's (Points of No Return) which were NOT well-liked by the GS fans, and to avoid any chance of missing useful stuff, I decided to get some general direction, from G-Faqs:



So far, I'm in the Ruins (Seems like the first proper "dungeon" of the game), so still quite early - guys around Level-8 or 9. My first question was on Weapon Mastery in this game...I understand it works sort of like they did for Shining Force-3, where you unlock the Unleashes via leveling up the particular weapon - but is there a menu where I can check and see the "points" currently earned in a particular one ? For example....my Themis Axe just recently learned the old favorite, Stone Justice, for Tyrell.... but I didn't see any bar or meter filling up, as he was striking foes, to indicate that I was getting closer to fully learning Stone Justice. Did I just miss such a sub-menu ?

Related to this...now that Tyrell knows the Unleash..if he were to unequip and give it to Matthew, would Matthew also be able to unleash Stone Justice attacks on foes, or does he have to "re-learn" everything on his own, assuming he'd never used an Axe before ?


I'll try to update this thread as I progress, with observations and additional questions, as they occur to me. Thank you for any wisdom you veterans of Dark Dawn can provide, however, and I'll enjoy my journey through Weyard again, with you all at my side (so to speak) :-)

User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#2
* Update-1

- So, my progress has been great so far ! I've figured out how to find the "skill bars" for the weapons (you have to go into Item - then Give - and hover over the weapon in question, to see how much of each Unleash you've unlocked, or if you've eventually "Mastered" the weapon).

I'm all the way up to the point where I've completed the Talon Peak boss fight, and am about to infiltrate Belinsk, to hopefully rescure that Ryu guy's sister, and (more importantly) Eoleo ! - the wee kid (now grown up) from Lost Age ! Cool :-)


Overall thoughts thus far are that the game SEEMS pretty good, actually. I have only ever had one person go "Down" (much earlier, I had forgotten to heal up after a fight, and the next battle all 3 enemies targeted Karis before I could act - just barely dropping her). A quick application of Jolt (Djinn) later, and she was fine - and since then, nobody else has fallen - though enemies "can" damage us (the Boss battle just concluded had my party at around Level-29, and the boss was able to damage us anywhere from 50-175 damage, with its various attacks).

That said, I can sort of see what some say about the 'overall' difficulty being somehow lower than that of Lost Age (in particular). I actually found Golden Sun (original) rather easy - as there is no Hard Mode, and only Deadbeard and possibly the Final Boss there are really all that challenging. Most other bosses in GS-1 have way too little HP to survive Summoning Rushes, let alone just casting Impact and going to town with Heat Wave, Ragnarok, etc.

That same thing is present in Dark Dawn though - thus far - so I'm not sure how people that loved GS-1 and thought it's difficulty was 'fine', could realistically complain about anything in Dark Dawn. The only way I could see it being valid would be if one compares Dark Dawn to Lost Age - or more specifically, the Lost Age on HARD mode.

That's one thing that actually 'is' pretty tough (Lost Age- Hard Mode), as I just completed that for the 2nd time ever, just prior to beginning Dark Dawn, about 10 days ago. In Lost Age-Hard, I remember getting clobbered for a while at the Briggs boss battle, as my guys were only around Level-12 or so - though I eventually (barely) scraped by. The toughest boss fight so far in Dark Dawn would have to be those 3 Commandos early on, right after you rendezous with our favorite old Scholar, in that cave. But since then, most foes just don't have enough "full power" / full party kind of attacks to throw at me.

The "Sludge" giant lizard boss, for example, wasted 2 of his turns just using Crush psynergy, to target a single adept for like 70 damage (out of their 400+ total) - oooh, so scary ! lol


Anyways, I'm really enjoying the music, the visuals, and the references to the past games. While I would say that SOME of the game feels a bit "Deus Ex Machina" - where they introduce brand new nations or magical items or such that you need - I THINK the Developers felt that with the Golden Sun event being such a huge thing on the world of Weyard, they were "free" to be more creative with the after-effects of it. It wouldn't make sense to have everyone (Lemurian Senate, etc) warning you not to restore Alchemy in GS-1 and 2, if there weren't some genuinely huge and possibly dangerous side-effects to that. So things like "Alchemy Dynamos" or the "Alchemy Forges" coming to life and being a factor in the world now, seem "okay" to me, when you keep that in mind (that these were secrets of the Ancients and such).

Game feels pretty "meaty" too, in terms of size. Like, I've not even gotten a Ship yet (though I'm strongly feeling vibes from Brigg's, that is being repaired) - and hopefully we'll get to sail the Eastern Seas again.

Anyways, I'll have more as I progress ! :-)

User Info: The Fir Coat

The Fir Coat
11 months ago#3
turn back
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User Info: AlekTrev006

11 months ago#4
The Fir Coat posted...
turn back

I can't ! It's actually a well-made and well-presented experience, I've been finding. The only regret I would say I have is that they limit you to Angara and the Eastern Sea - for some arbitrary reason. You can see Gondowan and the tip of Osenia - heck, even Idejima Peninsula where you start Lost Age from, but can't get there because they added in these weird "Descending waterfalls" throughout the ocean, that were never there in the earlier games. I guess they will say it was "tectonic plate shift" due to the Golden Sun Event or some such - lol.

I'm quite deep into the game now - having just gotten the last of the Umbra Gears and also have all 3 Orbs of light, so I'm ready to go to the final Great Wall area, I think - and face the architects of this chaos !

* also - I got the Lost Ship and defeated Star after a lengthy battle - finishing him off with Lava (Djinn) from Tyrell, for a final battle total of 231,000 EXP gained - my biggest ever in Golden Sun games lol. I think most characters leveled up 2 times from that - it was crazy.

User Info: ThelegendofGS

11 months ago#5
If you have not beaten the final boss yet and you don't have problem with a little glich, I suggest you reading my post about beating dullahan before ending the game

Golden Sun forever

User Info: AlekTrev006

11 months ago#6
ThelegendofGS posted...
If you have not beaten the final boss yet and you don't have problem with a little glich, I suggest you reading my post about beating dullahan before ending the game


Too late - but thanks for the info !

I proceeded to the finale - and then did the Labyrinth dungeon, 5 Ogre Trolls, and am now on Crossbone Island "legitimately" - with all of it done except the superboss fight. I'm currently back doing the Forging game with Obaba, to get her to give me what I want for the last few pieces of Zol and Mythril. The one thing I found disappointing with C-Island, compared to GS-1, was lack of any "mini-boss fights" and the stages kind of being cheap / rip offs because they considered the "actual puzzle area" where you can't have any battles - AND the "if you fall, you end up down here and have to climb back up" basement as "two separate floors". Thus the entire dungeon is only like 4 or 5 "floors" (just cut into an Upper and Lower segment).


* Moderate Location, etc Spoilers Follow ! *

Also - I might as well mention it here, but there are a ton of Plot Points I'm left puzzled by.

The biggest are "these New Nations" that are mentioned casually in Dark Dawn, in some cases with developed histories (Tonfon / Sana) - along the East and South coasts of Angara.... but they were completely absent (or just not talked about Ever) - in GS-1 and 2... Now...fair enough some of those areas were covered by the "Grey Rock Spikes" in Lost Age, so you could argue they were "always there you just couldn't sail close enough to visibly see or visit them"..... grumble grumble....okay, maybe.....

But the fact nobody even mentions them - when they have apparently decades of History (remember that Tonfon / Sana has had at least one ruler BEFORE the current Good / Noble leader), and he himself is an adult (30 to 50 years old, by appearance).... which suggests they were all alive BEFORE the Golden Sun event... 30 years in the past (Lost Age conclusion). So this entire nation (and indeed, Aruthay, Pasaj, etc - all these place)... were "in existence" back when Isaac and Felix were running around being heroic, yet nothing is ever noted of them till Dark Dawn..... hmmm....

(Yes, we know it's cause they literally made them up for this game, but they should have known it leaves a huge "plot hole" / question mark on a lot of things, when they do something like that)


Secondly...and probably the biggest question-mark / unexplained thing is the way they introduce the Shadow Tribe / and their kind of odd sounding name "Tuaparang" ... as the main villains...with a "High Empyror" leading them....and "great military might" - including technological things like Spark Shurikens, Hook Shots on most of their soldiers, Psy Grenades, and of course the giant flying Airship !!

Where in the world did these guys come from ? The imply (very briefly in the last dialogue with A and the two Commanders in the Apollo finale), that they 'suddenly appeared' after the GS Event...but ...where were they before ? Seriously ? And how come the Northern Fire Clan is barely mentioned at all in this game, nor are any of its tribesmen seen, from what I recall ? Such a huge part of the first two games and they only appear in the Sun Saga recap or the Training Grounds (props to them for the cool animation style of the Sun Saga books though)...

* Is it just me or does it seem like they fully intended to have a Dark-Dawn 2 kind of follow-up, with the Cliffhanger ending for DD being intentional (Much as GS-1 leads directly to GS-2, years ago) ?

User Info: DS977

11 months ago#7
They had intended to do what they did with Golden Sun and The Lost Age again since it worked for them before, however they didn't ever get around to the sequel so we're just left on a massive intentional cliffhanger.
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