Yellow Toad and Blue Toad

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User Info: Amibo_Amore

6 years ago#1
Do these guys have official names?

User Info: Knuckles07

6 years ago#2
Wolley and Yvan apparently.
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User Info: Warp_Star

6 years ago#3
No they don't.
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User Info: GuyWhoGames

6 years ago#4
There names are literally Yellow Toad and Blue Toad. Ironically the yellow one is Blue Toad and the blue one is Yellow Toad.

Yeah, I really don't know.
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User Info: TheHipsterKid95

6 years ago#5
Nope. They didn't even have names in Super Mario Galaxy where they were more developed characters. (Yellow was lazy, Blue was smart)

User Info: Knuckles07

6 years ago#6
^ Aren't those different toads?
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User Info: Granbar

6 years ago#7
Yellow is Ala Gold
Blue is Bucken Berry
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