How do YOU pronounce Bob-omb?

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User Info: XxTrifuzzxX

6 years ago#11
When i saw this topic i immediately thought of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
for the love of god we need bender in SSB4

User Info: Jackie_Chandler

6 years ago#12
I actually call them Bahm-ahms. I called them that ever since I was a kid and it just kind of stuck.
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User Info: LemonPenguin

6 years ago#13
I've always said bob-ahm.

User Info: Dr Edward Roivas

Dr Edward Roivas
6 years ago#14
I pronounced it BOMB-omb until about 6 years ago. I finally saw there was no M in boB-omb.
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User Info: beansncornbread

6 years ago#15
i b LinK posted...
Well they even say buh-Bomb on the movie...

But then again, this piece of trash movie didn't get anything right.

Anyways, I always said Bomb-awmb as a kid. It's fine either way though. To-may-toe/To-mah-toe.


But I always say Buh-Bomb
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User Info: RaccoonCity

6 years ago#16
Like "Buh bomb" or "Buh batteries"
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User Info: Groudon199

6 years ago#17
Knuckles07 posted...
Bob - Ahmb.

Same here.
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User Info: SaddQ

6 years ago#18
I just call 'em bombs.
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User Info: Wesfanboynever

6 years ago#19
I used to pronounce it like BOB-awm.

Then I saw Scott Pilgrim which was awesome and made me change how I say it now.
What's to say really?
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  3. How do YOU pronounce Bob-omb?

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