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User Info: sonicteam2k1

9 years ago#1
the AI is more broken than it is in puzzle quest. It never attacks each other, only you.
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User Info: Cheradenine

9 years ago#2
Rather than letting yet another topic get archived, I'll keep this one alive with my question.

I'm not near my 360 currently and am just wondering: is a demo available? I did hear that the AI was broken before I read this topic, but would still like to try it out a bit.
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User Info: NoLMT

9 years ago#3
that could be seen as a welcoming challenge to others... we'll see how long that lasts though

User Info: TheApd_Returns

9 years ago#4
instead of Perfect Dark we are thrown garbage rotten meat like this. do not buy anything until PD is released.
it has made me want to reply Kotor 2 (never completely finished it)- OniEclipse
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

9 years ago#5
this game is extreme garbage. I have it on the PC and the AI is soooo broken. It doesn't need to match resources so build up attacks and defense. hey all attack you and barely attack each other and they seem to have an unlimited amount of resources to use. They defend everything you throw at them and just keep attacking you. If the AI wasn't so broken, it would be a decent game because the concept is pretty cool, but man, the AI. If you think Puzzle Quest had cheating AI, even a little bit, this game is much much much worse.

I mean I threw the kitchen sink at one enemy and he lived. I threw level 3 missiles and they just shoot them down with defense missiles. and when they shoot missiles at me, even while disrupted (supposed to make it harder for them to gather resources) I use defense missiles, level 3 defense missiles, they just blow right through them. This game is really bad
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User Info: ultros999

9 years ago#6
It is a requirement for every XBLA to have a demo.
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User Info: Jro

9 years ago#7
Gotta agree with TC on this one. Really, really broken AI, worst 800 points I've ever spent on XBLA.

User Info: Justin Miller

Justin Miller
9 years ago#8
... why didn't you try the demo?

I downloaded the demo... made a note that even on EASY all the computers were attacking me... defeated them anyways, decided not to buy the full game, deleted the demo, end of story.
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User Info: Cubis101

9 years ago#9
ya this game sounded kool untill I played with the broken AI.... :(
thats the only reason i didnt buy the game
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User Info: KEFTrigg

9 years ago#10
What was broken about the AI? seems fine to me are you setting them to super hard or normal?

I kinda enjoy single player, waiting for more people for multiplayer.
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