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User Info: Cybernova

1 year ago#1
I know Microsoft f***ed Valve by making them put a price on the dlc compared to the pc/ps3 versions, but could they make it free now it would be fine all of halos dlc on the 360 is free and gta v dlc was free because I don't think microsoft would take that bulliet so why not now
I guess valve is lazy knowing how they support there game today not showing a lack of care but I can dream

User Info: NeoGeoMage

1 year ago#2
One comma? In that whole blurb, one comma? No other punctuation. Just the one comma...

Don't pay for dlc, if you don't want it.

Also, try the Turok reboot for 360. It's pretty good!

User Info: NIN_tendo

1 year ago#3
Cybernova posted...
pc/ps3 versions,

This game was never on PS3.
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User Info: Sega9599

1 year ago#4
Grr!!! Got my hopes up fer nuthin!! Don't do that TC!
Needed: New Pokemon Puzzle League, Shining Force and Left 4 Dead....
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