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User Info: TheBlueDeath

8 years ago#1
Disclaimer: This is the work of Denkirson, I am just relying the information in an obvious topic to be stickied.

-----------------------ENERGY AND HEALTH

The Player has 100 Health.

The Nanosuit has 100 Energy.
After one second of not using any energy draining functions, the suit will recharge 30 energy per second.
If the suit is reduced to 0 Energy, it stays disabled for three seconds before recharging.

Power Jump gives the player 2.2x times the height of a normal jump.
It takes 20 energy to use.

The Air Stomp is a velocity-based attack. The higher you are, the more time you have to fall and the faster you'll go, naturally.
Depending on the height, the Air Stomp can deliver from a minimum of 40 damage to a maximum of 220 damage.
Similarly, the radius of the Stomp can grow from 2 meters out to 7 meters.
A simple Power Jump doesn't come close to getting enough air for more than the minimum damage. You need some elevation, a few seconds of air.

Speed (sprinting) will boost the player's forward speed to 1.8x.
Speed drains up to seven points of energy per second.

Stealth drains the player's Energy by five points when standing still.
Based on how fast the player is moving with stealth, the suit will drain up to fifteen points per second.

Armor drains 2 to 7 points of energy per second depending on the player's movement speed. His movement speed is also decreased to 80%.
Armor absorbs a percentage of damage to the Player's health. 35% of the damage is diverted to his Suit Energy.
If for example, a player with Armor is hit in the torso for 30 damage. His health takes 19 damage.

----------------------SUIT MODULES

Air Stomp - Velocity based attack, more speed = more damage. Requires elevation beyond a Power Jump.
Minimum Velocity Damage = 40 out to 2 meters
Maximum Velocity Damage = 220 damage out to 7 meters
UPGRADE II - No damage from falling
UPGRADE III - 0.5x recovery time after Stomp

Proximity Alarm - Sense enemy in 30m horizontal radius (not vertical), updates every two seconds
UPGRADE II - Sensor updates every second
UPGRADE III - Sensor updates every half-second

Armor Enhance 0.5x Energy Consumption
UPGRADE II - +25% movement speed in Armor Mode
UPGRADE III - Immune to Nanosuit Jammer Bonus

Threat Tracer Highlight Bullet path within 6m
UPGRADE II - Highlight Grenades within 15m radius
UPGRADE III - Highlights Explosives within 15m radius

Nano Recharge - 2x Health regeneration
UPGRADE II - 2x Suit Recharge (60 per second)
UPGRADE III - 0.5x delay before health regeneration

Detonation Delay +2 seconds to grenade fuse when in blast radius
UPGRADE II - +2 seconds to C4 fuse when in blast radius
UPGRADE III - Fires Chaff against enemy JAW missiles

Energy Transfer - Restores 20% energy with a kill
UPGRADE II - Restores 30% energy with a kill
UPGRADE III - Restores 50% energy with a kill
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User Info: TheBlueDeath

8 years ago#2


Stealth Enhance - Transition time to/from Stealth is halved
UPGRADE II - No shadow cast in Stealth mode
UPGRADE III - 0.5x energy drain rate in Stealth mode

Covert Ops - No Player footstep sound
UPGRADE II - Invisible to Ceph Airstrike
UPGRADE III - 2x Enemy footstep sound

Cloak Tracker - Creates particles on Cloaked enemy within 20m
UPGRADE II - Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 7 seconds in radius
UPGRADE III - Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 5 seconds in radius

Jammer (Scrambles the radar of enemies within a 10m range)
UPGRADE II - Provides protection against enemy Radar Jammer attacks
UPGRADE III - Scrambles the radar of enemies within an increased range

Blind Spot - Invisible to Maximum Radar
UPGRADE II - Immune to Visor Tagging
UPGRADE III - Become less visible to enemies in Nano Vision

Tracker - Tracks enemy footsteps within 25m, updates every 0.6 seconds
UPGRADE II - Footstep direction tracks
UPGRADE III - Doubled track updates, 0.3 seconds

Visor Enhance - Automatically Tag enemies when zoomed in
UPGRADE II - Enemy Flashbang grenade effect lasts 0.1x as long
UPGRADE III - Nano Vision energy drain 0.5x



Side Pack - +1 Primary magazine
UPGRADE II - +1 grenade/explosive
UPGRADE III - +1 Attachment ammo

Weapon Pro - 0.6x Reload Time
UPGRADE II - 0.5x Aim Down Sight time
UPGRADE III - 0.4x Weapon swap time

Aim Enhance - Reduced recoil (unique to weapon)
UPGRADE II - 0.4x view shake from explosions
UPGRADE III - 1.6x movement speed when aiming down sights (versus whatever negative speed it offers)

Loadout Pro - Two Primary weapons
UPGRADE II - No Mobility loss from Attachments
UPGRADE III - 1.5x speed while carrying HMG (Versus its 0.6x speed scale)

Rapid Fire - Higher rate of fire on Primary Weapons (unique to weapon)
UPGRADE II - Higher rate of fire on Secondary Weapons (unique to weapon)
UPGRADE III - Higher rate of fire on Mounted Weapons

Point Fire Enhance - Reduces spread of primary weapons (unique to weapon)
UPGRADE II - Reduces spread of Secondary weapons (unique to weapon)
UPGRADE III - Reduces spread of Mounted weapons

Mobility Enhance 0.5x Sprint and Jump Energy cost
UPGRADE II - 0.5x Ledge grab climb time
UPGRADE III - 0.25x Fire after Sprint time

Retriever - Automatically collect Dogtags
UPGRADE II - 1 less dogtag required for support bonuses
UPGRADE III - 1.2x Support Bonus time
PSN: Swordsman001

User Info: TheBlueDeath

8 years ago#3
----------------------WEAPONRY AND DAMAGE

Recoil for most weapons is low (it should be, you have a big muscle suit) and character models are rather stiff and upright.
There is not a lot of randomness when the weapon is sighted (much less with Aim Enhance), meaning accuracy and reflex are pivotal in a shootout. Aim for the head.

Weapons start off with a certain amount of Damage out to a set Distance.
After that range, the weapons in Crysis 2 lose Damage Per Meter to a Minimum Damage.
For example, the SCAR loses 0.25 damage per meter until it reaches 25 Damage.
The Single Fire mode on assault rifles has its own Damage and Range and Rate of fire.
Silencers do not alter damage, but they typically halve the maximum damage Distance.

Weapons in Crysis 2 have their rates of fire measured in Rounds Per Minute.
Divide 60 by that RPM and you'll get the FireTime, or time between each shot fired.
The Rapid Fire Suit Module multiplies the rounds per minute uniquely for each weapon.

Weapons have a single Reload Time. Exception being the Marshall.
Along with the Reload time is the Fill Ammo Reload Fraction or "AddTime", the point when the ammo counter changes.

The Spread of a weapon has both a maximum and minimum, both reduced by a 0.8 multiplier when crouching.
The Point Fire Enhance Suit Module multiplies the spread of each weapon.
The Laser Sight Attachment reduces the spread of most weapons to around 3.0 and less when firing from the hip.

Refer to the link provided for detail for each weapon.

Note the Disclaimer once again: This is NOT my work, I am just relaying this information in a topic to be stickied. All the credit goes to Denkirson.

PSN: Swordsman001
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User Info: shojon_boy

8 years ago#5
Nice dude....
Great job
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User Info: shocker-x-

8 years ago#6

Very useful post. Thanks a lot!

User Info: jrbeerman11

8 years ago#7

User Info: xXVyprstrykeXx

8 years ago#8
Here's a list of the Skill Kills:

1. First Strike

Be the first person to get a skill kill when the match starts.

2. Blind Fury

You have to kill an enemy while you are blinded by a flashbang. It is possible to do on your own. Just get close to an enemy throw the flashbang so you are both blinded and then kill him and it should unlock.

3. Dead Air

Kill someone while they are in the air, like when they are jumping.

4. Specter

Do a silent kill on someone from behind when you are invisible by pushing down on RS.

5. Headshot

Get a headshot.

6. Triple Kill

Kill three enemies within seconds of each other. Hang out and just blast people when they are near each other.

7. Psycho

Get five kills in a row within a short time.

8. Vengeance

Kill the people who just killed you.

9. Puncture

Shoot someone through something like a wall or bench.

10. Blinding

Throw a flash grenade at an enemy and then kill them while they are blinded.

11. Combined Fire

Shoot someone with your primary gun and then switch to your secondary or pistol and finish them off.

12. Road Rage

You have the option to kick it by pushing the RS down when you are next to a car.

13. Denied

Kill someone who is on a killing streak. Just keep killing anybody you see and you will eventually get it.

14. Busted

Kill someone who is cloaked.

15. Defiant

Someone has to shoot you until you are almost dead, but then you kill them first.

16. Smackdown

Hitting an enemy with melee until they die will net you this one.

17. Double Kill

Kill two people within seconds of each other.

18. Relentless

Kill four people in succession during a set amount of time, kind of like the triple kill. Currently no one is sure what the timeframe you have to do this in is.

19. Resurgence

When you are on a deathstreak you get this one by killing an enemy and breaking that deathstreak.

20. Wingman

Kill someone while you are airborne.

21. Guardian

Save a wounded teammate. Just kill an enemy who is busy shooting at one of your teammates.

22. Flushed

For this one you have to throw a grenade at an enemy to flush them out of hiding. Make sure they don't die from the grenade and immediately shoot them after you throw it.

23. Intervention

Kill someone preemptively.
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User Info: Stan006

8 years ago#9
great thanks
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User Info: Gio191

8 years ago#10
Very useful, thanks :)

I'm having a problem with the retriever ability. I want to upgrade it but it's been stuck at 70+/200 kills for the past couple of days. I upgraded the tracker ability and I just unlocked it last night.
Is it a bug or something?
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