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User Info: LunairePierrot

9 years ago#21
This is why I slowly atrt to understand piracy consumers... why support a console or even a game developer by purchasing a product made by and for them when they screw us over and over...
Please note that only the xbox US version is canceled, which means what? that the "canadian" is still up?
Not only I´ll have to import WOZ and SW3Z, now this.
This was the final slap.

User Info: RichardLG33

9 years ago#22
GT- Richiesloppybum

User Info: CrazyFool319

9 years ago#23
I kind of saw this coming. 2 warriors games in one month. These games are a niche market so of course canning one helps them sell more of the other. I dont really understand why not cancel US DW7. Troy is more of a western thing. People commonly know all the Trojan War stories, but show me any evidence of kids learning about romance of three kingdoms in elementary school in the US.

User Info: IMPerror85

9 years ago#24
Maybe because Dynasty Warriors 7 will be sooooo much better? )))

User Info: RichardLG33

9 years ago#25
well I'm not buying DW7 but I woulda bought Legends of Troy on release day. The only DW games that are any good are the Empire series and they screwed that up last time.
GT- Richiesloppybum

User Info: Fritzenwalden

9 years ago#26
this sucks, I don't really digg the dinasty series, i'm not into chinese history, played Strikeforce though, and only play Samurai Warriors, and was willing to give this one a try

User Info: shatterstar

9 years ago#27

Well, this game is nothing but a Greek DW game and these games don't due well in NA. Why waste money on NA retailers when you know that this game will not turn a profit.

I think the feedback for this game in the forumswere overwhelmingly negative for NA due to how we view Koei and the DW games. That's why they canned the NA360 version but decided to release the PS3 version because hell, Koei is a Japanese based company and the PS3 is the second best console in Japan and it's Sony.

No love lost here man, I can understand the logic in it. Koei is a joke and their games are just horrible plain and simple...:D

User Info: jojobaker15

9 years ago#28
IMPerror85 posted...
Xbox360 is region locked, so no legends of troy for some people(

You can still play some games made for Pal system on an NTSC XBOX though. I know that there are many games that are multi region and work on any XBOX. We're lucky this isn't EA as they region lock all of their games, however other companies like Activision don't so I've played a Pal version of modern warfare and it works perfecly fine on my XBOX. You'll just have to find out if this individual game is region locked or not. Hopefully not though..
(message deleted)

User Info: CrazyFool319

9 years ago#30
This is not about finances, if it was they would not have cancelled it so close to release. Being a few days from release and cancelling means that a lot of product that is ready made would need to simply be destroyed or redone to give it to another region. And if they knew the game would do bad over here they would just limit copies made and only sell to retailers like gamestop and basically force people to track the game down.
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