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User Info: IMPerror85

9 years ago#1
Koei Warriors:

The Xbox 360 version for Warriors: Legends of Troy has been canceled for North America. All the Xbox 360 and Microsoft logos have been removed from the official US website. The game will still be available to purchase for the Xbox 360 in Europe and Japan. Warriors: Legends of Troy will be released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive on March 08, 2011 in North America and for both console systems on March 11, 2011 in Europe.

Why Koei, why?
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User Info: brunbbmerc

9 years ago#3
shatterstar, the game is done. you can stop trolling now
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User Info: Shuroaya

9 years ago#4
Why Koei! D:

i was looking forward to trying this
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User Info: ZeroJinKui

9 years ago#5
even though im getting this for ps3, i still find this screwed up... why the hell is koei cancelling so many games, when they have NEVER done so before warriors orochi Z?

its even MORE screwed up that they wait until its only... what, a few weeks or so away from release?

is the 360 region-locked? if its not, you could always import the game from europe, i suppose... least it'll still be in english.

also, if the 360 isnt region-locked, be glad they didnt cancel it for the 360 altogether, cause like i said, ya can still get the game.
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User Info: hungvuong

9 years ago#6


now it's really done.

User Info: IMPerror85

9 years ago#7
Xbox360 is region locked, so no legends of troy for some people(

User Info: GothDeathProfit

9 years ago#8
That's crap.
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