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User Info: 88AYM

1 year ago#1
I came to the xbox board cause I know it's an old game and maybe some people won't see my post. Here's the ps4 board equivalent: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/960449-nier/78724019

Hey everyone!! I'm a completionist, and RPGs prove me this horrible challenge between 2 of my greatest pet peeves: Missing stuff, and following guides. I know, totally incompatible, but well.
I know these aren't tied to trophies, I just want to have them all.

I was wondering if the list of tutorials in this thread is correct:

I noticed Ending C and D tutorials are missing, and also, I never got the Counterattacks tutorial... Is the list full and accurate? Do you know how I can get that tutorial? I tried over and over killing those mage shades in the Northern Plains, but nothing.

As for Documents, there's a wiki:

But it's weird. It lists documents that are not even documents accessible in the Memo category of the menu, and I feel there are some missing too. Doing some save editing, I found this list of documents:
"Look At The Sky"
"Don’t Try So Hard"
"My Birthday"
Love Letter 2/12/3340
Love Letter 3/28/3340
Love Letter 5/1/3340
Letter From The Mayor
The Postman's Request
The Postman's Thanks
Invitation from a Stranger
Grand Re-Opening Notice
Wedding Invitation
Letter from the King
Underground Research Record 1
Underground Research Record 2
Underground Research Record 3
Underground Research Record 4
Letter to the Chief
Letter to Two Brothers Weaponry
Letter to Popola
Letter to a Faraway Lover
Letter from Emil
Weapon Upgrade Notice
Letter from the Chief of The Aerie
Project Gestalt Report 0923
Project Gestalt Report 9182
Project Gestalt Report 10432
Project Gestalt Report 11242

I was wondering if this is complete, can anybody confirm?? Also, I noticed that the "Scattered Cargo" sidequest is missing from the wiki, and I noticed some people saying that if you decide to look inside the cargo, you get some documents... But I never did it, and I no longer have a save in that point to try.
Can anybody confirm???
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User Info: hawkwind_dragon

11 months ago#2
All I have is still my Xbox 360, notice I bought this game in 2014, played through once and started a second run but got into other games. Now I'm just playing my games, some over and over, and think I'll start back into where I left off.
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