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User Info: Majin_Shinigami

11 years ago#1
I've literally been looking around the Lost Shrine for hours trying to finish the Damaged Map quest. The quest states to find the treasure in an area where no light can reach.

I may have missed it, but its a bit hard to find. Anyone feel like giving up an exact location?

This is one of three weapons I have left to find. I have the missions for the other two, so I am not worried too much about them. But I have been having issues with this one for awhile.

Any help is, of course, much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

User Info: Frogtk

11 years ago#2
I forget where it was exactly, but I'm thinking early on, like before most of the doors up stairs. I remember getting it pretty fast once I got to the lost shrine. Ah can't remember if it was in a box or by itself either, but if you haven't been, break all the crates. Lol thought I would be more helpful, goodluck.

User Info: Slothrop37

11 years ago#3
Go up the spiral staircase to the first landing (2F).

Head to the left through a couple rooms IIRC.

You'll come to an open area and you'll see a slab of rubble leaning up against a wall.

Head into the next opening and turn right to the opposite side of that wall.

Sparkling on the ground.

Got it last night.

User Info: Majin_Shinigami

11 years ago#4
Thanks for your help, both of you.

Slothrop37 was spot on with the directions, and hopefully this will help others who may be having trouble with this.

To help clarify. On the second floor landing, after going through some rooms as normal, you'll see the piece of rubble leaning against a door right behind what appears to be the broken elevator shaft. Continue around this, and instead of going left, as normal, go right. You should be able to see it shining on the floor as you enter the door.

Killing off some Shades easily nabbed me this elusive quest item.

Once again, many thanks to Slothrop37, as well as Frogtk.

Also, yeah, I have been braking everything I can everytime I go through some place. That nabbed me the raw materials achievement halfway through my first playthrough. This is my second, so I figured I would get those three weapons I missed during the first one.

Thanks again.

User Info: KainIIV

11 years ago#5
ehhh thats weird cause i found the map in the library.

User Info: kyuluk

11 years ago#6
The original map IS found in the library but the part alot of people often get confused with is the lost shrine section as Slothrop37, Majin Shinigami and FrogTkk stated, it is towards the top of the lost shrine behind the rubble blocking the doorway.
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